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love the music! could you add music from nabari no ou? i'd love it. add more episodes!
do you think u could get some songs by the bands: **The Gazette -Chizuru -Fifth in the beauty -Shadow V III II -Zetsu -Burial Applicant -Guren -Distress and coma -Silly God Disco **Alice Nine -Rainbows -Velvet -Mirror Ball -Cosmic World **SuG -Alterna -Scheat -Vi vi vi -Love scream party **Gackt -Mizerable **Kagraa -Uzu -Haru Urara -"Sorrow" **12012 -Cyclone **Serial <=> Number -Tokyo noise -Go! ya! number -Attention please **Nightmare -Tokyo shounen -Alumina it would be very much appritiated! thank you so much for ur time and consideration! >w<
music is good keep it commin Zarden <Odin server> BLU68/NIN34
I luvv ur podcast! all these songs on here are great! please make more ^__^
can u put sakura kiss or michi to you all!


By 2khou4u
i luv the music on here but this dude has takenn 4ever to come out with the next ep!!! TT.TT is it just cuz u dnt have a mic??!! plz post more!!! ><
I really liked it but.... Why did you stop making episodes?! just because you don't have a mic?! oh, and IF you make more episodes, Bleach and Deathnote has good music (in my opinion).
There is a great amount of music, but its been way to long sense there was a new episode!!!
Hi I'm a player of FFXI <Bismark> (55PLD/27WAR FTW) I LOVE the music but i was wondering where is the FFXI? I was expecting at least 1 song from the soundtrack maybe even Libarti Fatali (I know for a fact thats not how its spelled but its from the creator of all the FFXI music.) But the songs that are playing are great no complaints with them. Just please get a mic PLEASE!!! /a Mic Seller /ja "Steal" <t>