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Reviews For Daybreak Church

It is difficult to add much to the prior reviews, other than perhaps to punctuate what has already been said. Since my "discovery" of Daybreak Church, I have been greatly enriched by its amazing staff and membership. My introduction to Daybreak was Pastor Jason, by reason of his weekly sermons, and these teachings have had a particularly profound effect on me. Pastor Jason is, without question, wise beyond his years, and brings to his Bible teachings an insightful and creative message, with a good dash of humor and humility. I promise that, no matter how long or how much you may have studied the Bible, Pastor Jason will bring to your understanding a new and compelling perspective. From time to time, you will also be treated to the teachings of Pastor Jeff, who adroitly runs our Junior High School program, and our visiting mentor, Pastor Bruce. Each offers his own educational and entertaining viewpoint on the Word. Daybreak Church, and its wonderful people, have helped bring me closer to God and Jesus Christ than ever previously in my life. These are true Christians -- welcoming, loving, teaching and inspiring -- but never forgetting that one's faith must be an authentic, personal choice. I trust that you will be as enriched and blessed by these teachings as they have so affected me.
He's as entertaining as he is Biblical! You will enjoy Pastor Jason's humor and great stories while learning truth that is straight out of the Bible. His knowledge and wisdom of practical biblical living is not in any way diluted by the entertaining delivery. You WILL be enriched by listening. Thanks Pastor for your transparent and vulnerable heart.
You will find these messages inspiring, straight forward and 100% Bible based. Pastor Jason Graves doesn't mix words. He has been truly gifted by God to deliver His message and does so in a modest way that all can enjoy. He is a devoted husband, loving father and wonderful friend. May the Lord continue to empower him and Daybreak Church.
Pr. Jason is a wonderful, godly man and pastor! He is wise beyond his years and walks with humility and confidence in serving the Lord and his 'flock'. Listen and apply his teachings! My life has been radically affected for God by his teachings and freindship.