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I didn't think I could be impressed anymore. Call me jaded but this has to be some of the smoothest blends I've heard ina loooong time!!!! Long live the junglelist!!!!!
Good quality DnB I'll give it a 5 star
I'm more than impressed with this podcast; the sets I've listened to so far are quality, and the variation of styles between the podcasts is welcome. Furthmore, the intro in the DC Breaks set is effing ridiculous when they double-drop "Shanghai Surprise" and "Pieces." DJ Scribbler is without a doubt providing quality tunage here - if you like drum and bass, listen in on this podcast. Bless up.
DJ Scribbler has created a series of excellent drum 'n' bass mixes that should not be missed.
I thought I'd have a hard time finding good Drum n Bass mixes, but when I came across this Podcast, I knew I found the best! Thank you for having this Podcast! Keep it coming!
I can't even express how good he is. Subscribe. Now.
Amazing tunes!!!! Never heard of this artist before, but his talent is unquestionable :))))) Quality beats right in your ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DJ SCRIBBLER smashes on these cuts dude
This is the only Podcast you need to subscribe to. The Naibu mix is just pure sickness. Don't sleep on Scribbler's sets also, the man knows his tunes. Much Respect....
You have to check out his beats. He's not playing around for one second. Great workout music and I think he's really lost his mind putting these beats together. Trust me, it's a good thing..
Yo, don't sleep on this guy. his mixes are on point for sure. His mixes get me HYPED when I am at the gym. Great beats to get swole to. Scribbler, keep pumpin out tha dope mixes, D&B is alive and well with you on the decks. PLUR!!
I enjoy your mixes very much. Thank you for taking the time to share your talent, it is hard to find good drum and bass where i am in the states. i highly reccomend this to anyone interested in fun, good mixes!
Every one of the mixes seems to just hit the spot. Love the hot style. How many dope records does this guy have...
I just "found" this podcast about a week or so ago (May 2007) and I can not wait to see what you will have for us next month. I have enjoyed what I have heard so far. Thanks for the music.
loving the themed mixes man, keep them coming