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I listen to this podcast non-stop while running my solo-entrepreneur branding, digital marketing and graphic design company! I want to thank AJ and Johnny for sharing so much personal information that allows people like me, who is an introvert and suffers with imposter syndrome. Thank you so much.
I just recently started listening to this podcast and am loving it! Each one is filled with relevant tips and stories that help with many aspects of life. I truly enjoyed the ones on networking and charisma. Keep them coming!
AJ & Johnny, hosts of the Art of Charm podcast, highlight all aspects of education, growth and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Hey bros. I’ve missed you guys. I took a break for a while. But let’s crank it back up. Keep me around. I’d like to do an interview one day
The old content and original toolbox episodes had such quality advice. And such cool interviews with so many interesting people. I am thinking about even those original episodes with Dog the Bounty Hunter. So sad to see all of that content gone, apparently forever. The OG fans are not happy. Such a shame to see what happened to this podcast and the company.
The Art of Charm is full of great, real life advice that you can apply to your life.
I’ve been listening to the AOC show for years and can appreciate the caliber of their show by bringing up so many relevant topics with highly reputable guests. I’ve incorporated most of what I’ve learned from the show to my life. I look forward to continuing listening to this show. Kudos Johnny and AJ, and to the producers!
I mean, don’t though, because he does The Jordan Harbinger Show now which, by comparison, exposes AJ and Johnny for who they are: imposters and hacks. Also, the guests and interviews and advice are better on The Jordan Harbinger Show.
I tried one episode about small talk and it felt like it took forever for them to say anything of any value while using cheesy phrases like “and we’ll show you our ONE legendary trick for small talk so you can sell that million dollar deal or ask that girl out that gives you butterflies.” C’mon.
I skip thru half the show tho because I can’t stand Johnny’s voice. Quit smoking bro.
I used to download a few episodes before each plane right! Everything from relationship to leadership tips, and every guest have been so helpful to me for learning how to network, put my authentic self forward, deepen my relationship with my partner, and grow in our business. And funnily enough, this podcast was suggested by my partner as it’s one of his favorites!
I love listening to AJ, Michael, and Johnny! They’ve helped me through their Core Confidence mentorship, it was such an eye opening experience and I get to solidify the foundation I learned through the class each week with the podcast. I’ve been able to apply these skills with daily habit routines to make a healthier version of myself, my personal relationships, and to jumpstart my entrepreneurial skills in my side business, that I plan on taking to the next level, SOON. See you guys next week!
I wouldn’t have given a star but I had to. Since Jordan Harbinger left (one of the founders) this show has become trash. The guests aren’t bad but the hosts are not good at all. If you want high quality conversations like it originally was check out The Jordan Harbinger show.
Love how this podcast seems so chill, yeah, I’m a cusper- one foot in Gen Z & one foot in as the old Millennial. Every episode I’ve listened to thus far had blown my mind and when I begin my day with listening to anything from the guys and their guests, light-bulbs flash and ideas / or concepts I understood in a rational way become something I then understand from my emotion-center of knowing, which I can then integrate into my life. Thank you AofC for this medium!!!
They have incredible guests, ask great questions and focus on providing a ton of value for their listeners!!!
AOC has brought incredible value to my life, both personally and professionally. I find myself saying to myself, “wow I’ve never thought about it like that” after every episode. What I enjoy most is the practical ways Johnny and AJ approach various relationship building topics and how they provide you with ways to implement these tools immediately. AOC has truly made me a better husband, friend and colleague!
Great, motivational podcast! I have no doubt the great content in here has impacted the lives of many listeners! Keep it up!!
Excellent talks on how to accept yourself, push your boundaries, move toward your goals for a better life for you and and those in your life as well ...
I found myself immersed in AoC around 6 years ago after moving to a new country and was instantly hooked with their fantastic, easy to digest content, spanning human behaviour, psychology, and ultimately enabling people to be their best selves as we navigate day to day life. There is so much value in the AOC toolbox episodes alone and you’ll find yourself having so many “Ah Ha!” moments about how you’ve been living your life and interacting with friends, families and colleagues. The information that AJ, Jonny and their guests provide, literally let you see the Matrix. Enjoy, get ready to have your mind blown week after week.
Y’all are making the world better! Sending ya love right back! I find your podcast very motivating, and I’ve picked up a lot of useful mindset approaches from listening. My attitude is quickly shifting to embrace the struggle and seek the uncomfortable, so that I may grow and be the best version of myself, and be a conduit of truth and love in this crazy world.
Ive been listening to the AoC podcast for about five years, AJ and Johnny continue to bring helpful and relevant guests on the show while punctuating their most important points. Starting this year with guests De Sena and Fogg is a real boost for motivating change and techniques for following through. Great shows!
If you actually try out the different techniques, you will be shocked by the positive response from people you are trying to connect with. It does not go unnoticed, and their suggestions have helped me become better at creating real relationships. My deep need to connect with others has been magnified by this podcast.
At first I was lukewarm about this show because I’m pretty outgoing and can make friends with a rock. However, this podcast goes into so much deeper aspects of life and self. The lessons I’ve gotten from this show are priceless. The guests are amazing. For example after hearing Adam Grant I bought his book and it changed my life. Arguably opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of many of my relationships. Definitely give a few shows of this podcast a try. Thanks for the work you do.
Thanks for a quality podcast that has helped me so much!
Johnny and A.J. have helped me be better in life, business and in relationships. The content is very easy to understand and I’ve been able to implement positive changes in my life through their experience and diverse guests. Thanks, guys!
Johnny and AJ have the best guests, and the most fascinating conversations! No matter the topic, there are actionable takeaways every single time. Great advice and incredible insights in an entertaining package.
Love the topics on this show and their guests. Always enjoyable


Really insightful guests and meaningful conversations. This show has provided me with a bunch of tips and tricks to improve the relationships in my life and has sparked ideas for me to lead better wihin my company.
This use to be one of my favorite podcast but now there to many commercials they do in between a show. It’s distracting and ruins the podcast.
I enjoy the topics but can’t really stay engaged with how many ads there are. I listen to a lot of podcasts and they by far have the most ads.
Recently Aj & Johnny did you have a promotion for AOC at $17? Signed up with a $27 offer and a confidence boost. I'm well aware the material has been offered at hundreds of dollars. It’s currently a sacrifice, but hope I signed up for the right offer sent to my email. I've been so enthusiastic about your podcast for years on & off. I know, Aj & Johnny have been incredibly crucial towards my mental health. Thank you ”Modern-day Buddha in a World of Hedonism.” -Bianca Marie Alcantar
As a teacher-trainer in South Korea, I work to help Korean English Teachers build more confidence in their speaking and listening skills. Art or Charm provides me many novel ideas to share with trainees including listening tips from Oscar Trimboli, the Question-Listen-Statement Conversational Cycle, and the RASA listening model from Julian Treasure. I’ve also adapted the Pitch Telephone activity suggested by Brandt Pinvidic with great results! I appreciate AJ, Johnny, and their guest’s abilities to distill complex ideas about socializing and self-improvement into easy-to-digest models and examples. Thank you, Art of Charm, for inspiring this educator to innovate.
put the old episodes back
Why did they delete 2017 episodes??? I was 4 in now they are gone...
I’m always impressed by the level of questions AJ and Johnny ask their guests and honestly by the caliber of guests they attract. I always learn something new - it’s never the same stale interviews as on other podcasts. It’s clear that the hosts have prepared and actually read the books or done some research beforehand which adds to the depth of the interviews. I also like the actionable insights at the end. It’s always worth my time to listen to this podcast every week - it makes me think and helps me implement.


By M. Ham
I absolutely love listening to Johnny and AJ every day to and from work. They interview interesting guests and pull useful social skill information from them. The podcasts are fun and easy to listen to while driving. It’s like a couple of your buddies teaching you how to work on socializing to increase the enjoyment of your life. Thank you AOC!
One of my new favorite podcasts! Keep up the great work guys!
Please leave the old episodes uploaded,they are legendary and you take them away... Thank you for your help.
Johnny stop smoking
AJ stole the original host, Jordan Harbinger’s last name. AJ and his partner are a joke. Subscribe to The Jordan Harbinger Show. You’ll be much happier.


By Jonb559
I’m new to this podcast, these first few episodes have been very interesting and has gave me much information on how to deal with managing my self confidence. I will keep listening thank you for putting this podcast out
I just started listening to this podcast on a recommendation from a friend. So glad I did! The guests have been top notch and I’ve learned so much so far. You can also tell they really know what they’re doing and what they’re talking about. It’s a fun, easy listen. Love the episode with Adam Grant on procrastination.
I’ve been following The Art of Charm for close to a year now, and have nothing but gratitude for Johnny and AJ! Every morning I feel inspired, motivated, and excited to make an impact in my life. Thank you guys for being such incredible influencers! Serina
Listening to the BLM episode and cant get over how a self improvement source shouldn't waste my time telling me how I should fund an organization where 100% of donations go to the political party I don't agree with most times.
Except for the guests. They do their best with what they got. The hosts however? Lots of filler words and rarely do they contribute anything substantially helpful. I have listened to just about every episode in the Jordan Harbinger Show and had started to go back through AoC to find his old content that I missed. Extremely bummed to find them all of a sudden gone when I some downloaded very recently! At least you could have gotten new listens from that. Way to be grown men and erase your history and the best content on the show. Also, it’s 100% creepy that AJ uses Jordan’s last name when he’s not related to him to pretend that he’s related to him.
This used to be one of my favorite podcasts until the virus hit... now it’s way too politically biased and they lost the charm they once had.
I like this podcast because the guests bring meaningful content to the listeners and the hosts aren’t looking to shoot the breeze or waste time with fillers. They are focused on helping the audience be motivated to grow as individuals, and providing them tools.


By Raech6
Just started listening to you guys and I love it!! So excited to continue learning more and being inspired to do better everyday.