Reviews For Liveline

I’m from Maynooth but live in USA. I listen everyday. I think you are fantastic
Im a Kerry man living in North Carolina It's great to hear what's going on at home keep up the good work
As an Irishman living in New York for the past 6 years this Podcast has been a Godsend. You can never replace home but hearing all the calls and the topics in question brings a unique comforting feeling to my being. Thanks Joe. Keep up the good work. Excellent.
i am an american, but i still luv listening to this podcast. the irish seem to become miffed over the smallest things haha
I love this show - but Joe, please upload more podcasts! I am an expat living in Portland, Oregon, and love to tune into the Joe Duffy Show. The controversary and banter is really great, and the no-holds barred conversations keep you glued. Of course, you may want to be somewhat familiar with Ireland before subscribing. Keep them coming.