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Great videos on world cooking! The recipe links are in the podcast descriptions. Please add some Thai recipes.
None of the earlier year's podcasts seem to load? Please check on those links.
Why did you not add the recipes into the video's they wre helpful and enjoyable but really what were you thinking just a word of advice you would have had many more viewers .Do Not Watch these videos if you are looking for recipes like I was all you get is a "chef"letting you watch him cook.
Half the podcast are not formatted for the Ipod. You need to convert them to movies to watch them, a real pain. The podcast are good but they need to get there culinary tech together. Egg on the face from a excellent organization.
They are nice to watch but where are the recipes?????? Not much use if there are no recipes!!!
This is the best cooking podcast. (And I am not a CIA graduate!) I wish these folks ran Food Network. This podcast is not about personalities -- thank God -- it's about the food and how to cook it.
Probably the best cooking podcast there is. -ira
if you wanna learn how 2 cook, then definitely watch these podcasts.
I like the information and the classroom style way that it is presented in this video podcast. It's high quality and very attractive to look at. The length of the podcasts are decent too. Most are not over 10 minutes, so if you have a few minutes to kill this is a great way to do it.