Reviews For Coastline Christian Fellowship - Current Teachings

I came to this church in a time of my life where I was searching for answers and guidance. Since day one I have felt loved by thiss church and it's pastor. It's amazing how he can relate to everyone in the room and make them feel loved and not shamed. You know your in the right church when you can't find a seat and your pastor wears flip flops. You know you are in the right church when you see new people everytime you walk through the doors. This church is my salvation. Thank you God for loving me enough to show me where to go.
I can't explain this logically, but for some reason, in this place, God makes His presence known and speaks directly to my life through His Word with a concistency I have rarely found elsewhere. I hope that as you listen in this will be your experience too! :)
Totally miss Biel's teachings already and only been gone a week.
Wow...this guy tears it up. I would give my left leg to be a part of his church. Keep it up!!!
I met Jason in Israel, I loved his teachings then and I still do!!!! He is totally annointed. God always speaks to my heart through him! P.S. Jason, have you had any fish recently?
Jokes are corny and messages a little longwinded...BUT GOD is in them, speaking through the Reverend Biel. John 1:14 The Word became flesh and dwelt among us... full of grace and truth