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Thanks for sharing


This videos are excelent guide to tango! Thank you so much for taking the time and the resources to make them. It would be great if you could make more new lessons available.
These videos are a life-saver, i can almost never remember the sequences, and loose half of class time asking to review. Thank you very much, the videos are greatly appreciated!
I had watched these "Dario's Tango Guide" podcasts and practiced the steps shown, and yesterday my dance instructor showed use basic Argentina Tango in a group class and was amazed how well I did. I give all stars!!
This is as good a dance guide as you will find, whether online or via paid DVD. Dance instructional videos usually assume too much or too little knowledge on the part of the viewer, and the instruction is either too detailed, losing the forest for the trees, or too vague: this one gets it just right. I wish I had Dario's video podcast available to me as a beginner; now I use it to remind me of details in basic steps and to help correct errors I have been making. After nearly two years of Argentine tango dance classes that have resulted in bouts of frustration, Dario's tango guide has saved me from self-doubt by providing clear and detailed instruction that I am viewing regularly. It has helped me immeasurably to become a better dancer. And it's free! I would have paid more for this series than I already have paid for all the dance videos I have purchased over the years. You could spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars in private dance lessons and still not receive the same quality of instruction as this guide. Bravo! Thank you, Dario, for your gift to those of us wishing to learn to dance the tango - and for setting the standard for those producing videos for other dances.
The development of the steps in the context of the 8-step is good for me. When I see what I'm trying to learn in a context that I recognize, it's easier to incorporate the new action. Other dance instruction video gives me overload. Miguel Angel Pla, an instructor that comes up our way on occasion, makes a point of drilling the fundamentals. This series teaches along those lines, as well.
The repetitive demonstrations of each new step are great. As a follower, I also like the camera angles and the slow-motion views of footwork, which is realistically as fast as I can think when learning new steps. ;) Thanks for this podcast. I'm really looking foward to learning more!
As the leader (male) part, I sometimes cannot remember different tango sequences. This tango guide makes it easy for me to review these sequences. I can't wait for more in the series!