French Vibes

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French Vibes does a great job of presenting an array of music in a fun format. I appreciate hearing the background information on the singers. Thanks!
For people that want to learn a little bit, dig a little deeper... So far the episodes have been pretty enjoyable.
The host talked through so much of the podcast, there was barely any music. What was played was bland compared to French world music I have heard. Not worth the download
I spent a week driving around France over the New Year and was blown away by how great radio is there. I was pretty keen to pick up this podcast to learn more about French artists. This podcast is a good start, but not quite there. It's limiting itself by focusing on one genre at a time. If you're not interested in a topic one week, no point in tuning in. I didn't find the commentary to be very good and I thought the podcast was way too chatty for one based on music. For instance, the presenter lists just about every country where an artist has sold a record or where someone has toured. I don't find that to be useful information. I also had trouble listening to the presenter's urban London accent as she awkwardly drones on and on. She doesn't seem to have much experience reading out loud. Her delivery makes it really hard to pay attention to what she's saying. I'm not sure the pay off is worth listening to her for 30 minutes a pop.
This is great!
French Vibes gives not only a sample of selected genres of french music, but also information about the artists they exibit. It is fun, interesting and just long enough. It'd be way great if it came out more often.