Emerging Infectious Diseases

Reviews For Emerging Infectious Diseases

So bad you can’t understand what the guest is saying. It’s painful to try to listen.
The host talks like a second grade teacher, boring. I prefer TWIV
I love the precision and clarity of this podcast. It's no nonsense and SUPER nerdy. Awesome.


Epidemiology is an exciting subject, so it's a shame that this podcast is essentially someone reading papers. Not unbearable, but not the thoughtful, engaging approach this fascinating area of science deserves.
I whole-heartedly agree with the other reviews for this podcast. It is too scripted and the guest are obviously just reading from a written script. It would be much better if the host and the guest had more of a conversation about the subjects discussed.
I thought the topics would make this podcast fascinating, but it's 2 terrible actors having a fake, scripted conversation about diseases. You may as well download one episode and give it a listen to see what I mean. Boring!!!
I have just started listening to the first few episodes and they are almost not endurable. The first episode appears to be someone reading a paper with all numbers and methods etc. in a fashion that was not even good in the 50s. The second episode at least has a guest but you can tell that both are just reading from a prepared script. I then randomly skipped forward and the later episodes at least seem to have some "live" guests that actually respond and not just read from their notes. Very disappointed so far.