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What I love about this podcast is that I learn something from every guest. I might not agree with everything that guest says, but I learn something. Terrific source of thinking and learning.
The best of the best know that it is important to provide value first. Tom does this with each of his great SPaMcasts! His topics are extremely important and informative for today's software engineers. It interviews others that are the best in their field of knowledge of expertise. Become the best of the best by listening to each podcast. Then, add value by sending a link to every one you know. You will become the best of the best with Tom leading the way.
I briefly worked with Tom at the State Department in Washington D.C. Tom was there to rate our CMM level as we s aimed for CMM level 3 certification. After moving on Tom periodically would contact me about my thoughts on configuration management and try to persuade me to write a paper on the subject. ( I never did ) Tom wanted to know from my experience what worked and what didn’t in the Configuration Management realm. I’m glad that I was curious enough about the email because it introduced me to the SpamCast. I have been listening while at work and commuting back and forth. I have gained much knowledge about what others are talking about and how it could affect my work. I must be a geek because I enjoy this stuff. The topics and guest have been quite interesting so far. I still have a few SpamCast’s to listen to. Keep going Mr. Cagley I think the SpamCast is an awesome medium! Michael Galvin