History 132

Reviews For History 132

Sir, if you cannot manage your political idealism, you cannot manage history. The study of History, after all, is the study politics' past with your bias checked at the door. I suppose the Vietnam war is still a little fresh to expect an unbiased view from a layman but I expect more from a lover of history; It's just childish. It genuinely saddens me that these children will leave your lecture believing they've obtained a comprehensive history of the Vietnam war. (For instance, I love how you keep repeating "unified" ..."vietnam just wanted to "unify" ... "after the war, vietnam ended up "unifying" anyway. That sounds so pretty doesn't it?) What a disgrace to the true study of history.
Last year I took a teacher exam on History. I had listened to Prof. Noonan's podcast and then lost them a month before the test. I searched for him on the internet and found him, I was able to get him a personal message, he got right back to me. He wad so helpful and sent me a link to the podcast I had lost. I love his this day in history, something I do everyday, and I love his fun sense of humor. Thank you so much for you inspiration, fun educatation and help in a very stressful time. I did pass the Mass Teacher exam with your help and that of a few other history Itunes U podcast. Now I listen for fun. Thanks agian, Crystal
I really enjoyed both 131 and 132. However, 132 does need some editing. There are huge gaps in information. I recognize that the 132 was taped earlier, the glitches in 132 were much improved in 131. I would really like these lectures to be re-recorded. I think the content is less biased than other podcasts I have listened to. Dr. Noon, you are interesting to listen to. I would have rated 5 stars if the lectures did not have the gaps.
Dr. Noon - love them - listened to them all, but, sob, where is Imperialism I?
Exactly the kind of left wing drivel you expect from a west coast professor with a hyphenated name. His students deserve a refund. Too bad they don't allow negative stars, because he deserves a minus 5 star rating.
This professor gives a good overview of the subject and keeps it interesting, I highly recommend this course to anybody interested in the subject. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is it needs some basic sound editing before release. also talk more about President Jackson.
i'm not sure where the complaints of "jshreviewer" are coming from. the material seems pretty well mastered to me.... nice work -- entertaining and informative.
Recommend the first few chapters be reviewed to correct errors. Unlike History 131, this course gave me the impression that there were chapters/data omitted: chapters ended without warning and reference was made to data not previously presented. From Chapter 4 on - great job, although some parts of our history are painful to hear.


over all this is ok, but the ones on vietnam are very good,thank you.
If this podcast represents the rigor and scholarship of a college level history class then our students are not being well served. I would have guessed this more appropriate for middle schoolers, freshmen or sophmores. It is unclear that the lecturer has even mastered the material.
I am a world history teacher and have really enjoyed listening to Noon's podcast! It brings me back to my college days! Good way to bone up on your U.S. history!
I am a AP high school student and these lectures have done a superb job in providing me with the information that I so crave. Keep up the outstanding work Mr. Noon!!!