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The best collection of music by Yo-Yo. Surprisingly, the voice of Yo-Yo is so magnetic!
From a fan who has very little knowledge in the way of music (being tone-deaf limits my ability to play past 5th grade level), listening to the voice of Yo-Yo Ma himself is truly inspirational, albeit in a listening-only kind of way. Surprisingly soothing, his voice guides rather then lectures during each podcast. Everyone should subscribe!
Yo-Yo Ma has that special touch, the ability to communicate both with his instrument and with his personality. This podcast is a wonderful way to learn about music and to understand one of the finest musicians of our time. As Yo-Yo branches out from playing to teaching (and hopefully conducting) he only deepends my appreciation for his talent. This podcast would be great for young musicians and anyone else interested in music.
I really enjoy Yo Yo Ma's music as well as his insightful comments and stories. My only criticism is that each episode is so short -- there is hardly any music played from beginning to end or without interruption -- or so it seems.
For a young cellist who plays just for fun, this is an inspiration. I was excited by this awesome guy the first year I started playing after I read about him in USA Weekend, and I am just as excited now every time I listen to this podcast. This is really something everyone will enjoy.
On track #5, does anyone know the title of the music that begins to play as Yo-Yo Ma begins to speak?
And to think you get it for free from Yo-Yo himself. -Talk about giving back to your fans. Seriously this is powerful stuff. I can only hope your enjoyment (of this PodCast) is a immense as mine. Words cannot fathom what you are receiving for free here. This is the power of PodCasting.
I love his music and I am glad to finally be able to watch his podcasts.This really is a treat.If you haven't heard him- you should- The man is a genious.This will give you a taste of what to expect from his other albums. I hope that you enjoy this, Sincerely, Ariel