Reviews For F.A. Davis's Fundamentals of Nursing Overviews

Not sure why I can’t listen to any of the podcasts?
It says that all of the Chapters on this podcast are unavailable. I see others have had this problem as well. Is there someone to contact on this issue? This looks very helpful for understanding the content.
None from the entire Davis podcasts work at all. I've been trying for days.
Why aren't these podcast working
Great podcast- hits all the important issues - helped me get an A! The narrator has a great manner of speaking, very easy to understand. Definitely recommend!


i appreciate having these as tools, they are a great help. i wouldn't mind a more detailed podcast, but i appreciate it nonetheless!
it is also free and useful, i wish it is more details and longer! still like it, thank you!!
I love the fact that i have these lecture for FREE to listen to supplement my distance learning. If im driving, or laying in bed and just dont feel like reading, these are a huge BONUS and i will spread the word! THANK YOU!!!!!