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By Ajm87m
I'm a teenager and I love to listen to Darren and Kattie's podcasts because... They help me understand that most of my problems are normal.
I love this show!! Darren and Katie Sutton keep parenting teenagers so honest and real. I listen to this show in the mornings on my way to work and I have become a better parent because of their advice. I want every parent of every teen to listen to their advice. The advice is not too religious, it is more spiritual.
This podcast is awesome! My wife and I listen to them and appreciate them SO much. The topics and discussions are dead on, well planned, and well recorded. My family needs this podcast and I thank everyone involved for listening and obeying God in going to the trouble to produce this podcast. We are a family which has benefited from your efforts!
The podcast are a great way to learn about current topics. Gone are the days of "A child are to be seen not heard." Katie and Darren's style is fun and informative, while they give parents and those dealing with teenagers a way to communicate with them. If Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus...then today's teenager is in a different galaxy and I appreciate Katie and Darren map to their world.
The program is supposed to be fun and educational, but Darren and Katie turn it into a painful experience. Katie's laughter made me want to fly all the way to Corpus Christy to make her shut up!!!! The issues they deal with are pertinent and sometimes well dealt with, but I just could stand the constant "happy" exchange between them.
I think this is a great album for kids and parents because kids don't understand adults and adults don't understand teens. So this is really cool to listen to.
I have personally seen what God does through Darren and Katie Sutton. They know and love pre-teens and teens. They love parents. They never take themselves too seriously, and they never underestimate the serious impact of the pre-teen and teen years. Their sound advice is always Biblically grounded and profoundly practical. God will use Milliennial Influence to change the lives of parents, pre-teens, and teens.