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Sorry. I really tried but can’t listen to this show. Mary Always seems “confused” hasn’t see any movies and doesn’t get most of any movie references. When I hear Juan start any sentence with “I got to say” I just hit the 30 second fast forward on my phone till he’s done - that’s usually 10-15 times. Nick, you the man. I know you’re trying to keep the ship afloat but you need to know when it’s time to don the life preserver and save yourself Sorry guys but....
The B-Movie Cast is one of the first podcasts I ever listened to and is one of my favorites. A venerable show with an enormous run of episodes over the course of a decade or so, and at the heart of it is Vince Rotolo, the warm, unassuming host with an easy everyman style and a love for B pictures. A man I have occasionally referred to as "the Johnny Carson of podcasting", Vince created a show that has endured beyond him, with his wife Mary, regular co-hosts Nic and Juan, and an extended family of guest contributors and regular listeners carrying on with the same style, the same love, and the same (sometimes) terrible and terribly enjoyable movies. Anything the show lacks in polish it more than makes up for with fun. Highly recommended.
Halfwits offering uninformed opinions on classic movies.
I only recently came across this podcast but became automatically hooked as they cover a plethora of underground, underrated, & esoteric cinema. Much like the similar Monster Kid Radio, B-Movie Cast discusses & dissects movies yet I really love that they go beyond just vintage horror & science fiction films but also cover old school action films as well. Extremely entertaining stuff for sure. RIP Vince Rotolo.
I've been meaning to write a review of the B-Movie Cast for years but I never seemed to be able to find the time but now that Vince Rotolo, the creator of the podcast, has unexpectedly passed away I had to write something. The B-Movie Cast is without a doubt the most fun podcast out there! Vince is a genuinley nice man who has great passion for those movies that are slightly off kilter! Vince, his wife Mary and cohosts Nic and Juan gave me something that I truly looked forward to week after week! You will be missed Vince!!!
I really enjoy the hosts of this podcasts. Easy to listen to and VERY knowledgeable about so many of my all-time favorite black and white vintage films. I've learned about the making of the films and about the cast members, directors, production companies, etc. I love all these details; it makes the movies even more interesting. I didn't know anyone else loved films like The Mole People and Them! I'm so happy to find other people as crazy about them as I am - someone else who appreciates these long-gone stars and support cast. I'm from Pittsburgh but didn't know about the Monster Bash up there until I moved here to Florida! I've missed out. I enjoy listening to you guys and Re-watch all the films. Pat in Vero Beach, FL
This is THE podcast for B-movie fans. Such a fun, knowledgeable group of podcasters that have a real love of all the B-movies that you know and love. Vince, Nick, Juan and Mary, Hi Mary👋 definitely on my favorites list.
This is a great podcast for any b-movie fan . The podcast is very funny . Thanks to B-movie podcast I have learned of and watch some Bad and great movies ..A must listen to for any movie fan . Thanks for the show and keep up the great job ..
This is a truly great podcast. Vince, Mary, Nick, Juan and a cast of guests discuss the obscure, the wacky, and some of the best B-movies out there. Every week its something new, sometimes familiar and sometimes weird, but always enjoyable. I take these guys with me every day, and enjoy their conversations and reviews. If you enjoy good bad movies, then this is the podcast for you.
I stumbled upon this podcast by randomly clicking on it, looking for podcasts focusing on all things cult. What a wonderful surprise to find such a wonderful group of movie fans who have something to love about every movie they watch. Well...almost. If you like all things b-movie, then Vince, Mary, Juan, Nick and the rest of the clubhouse gang are just for you! So grab a TV tray full of your favorite junk foods, sit back and enjoy!
Great cast, real people who genuinely love b movies (and one "normie" to keep it in perspective. ;) ) A real family vibe, and a good mix. Never miss it.
i listen to this during work sorting mail at the post office at 0400am. I laugh out loud at times!
You can tell it's very much a podcast that's just a continuation of an on-going covnersation about movies these folks have all been having all of their lives, and that's what makes it fun to listen to.
I’ve been meaning to write a review of the B-Movie Cast for a while. I’ve listened to Vince, Mary, Nick, Juan, and their assorted cast of ne’er-do-wells for the past few years. It’s my favorite podcast. Each episode feels like you are discussing movies with a group of friends and not with a bunch of know-it-alls looking to score points in some hipster argument. None of their critiques is ever cruel for the sake of being cruel. They actually try to find a redeeming character in even the B-est of B-movies. I like that evenhandedness. The group offers a wide range of B-movies up for discussion, from Manos to Under the Skin. They are always looking to expand their own knowledge of the various genres and also looking to share that knowledge with their listeners. Prizes are given away, emails are shared, phone messages are played, stories and jokes are told…it almost has the feel, at times, of an old variety show or local radio show! If you love B-movies — and moreover, if you love talking about B-movies from a fan’s perspective — then you should really enjoy this podcast.
Thanks to Vince and the Gang at B-Movie cast for reminding me of some forgotten classics and turning me on to gonzo flicks like Starcrash and Curse of the Doll People. Often the cast reminds me of my youthful viewing of Creature Double feature or Commander USA. I especially like Juan’s Mexican horror choices and Nick’s plot breakdowns ( how he does it I don’t know), and of course I can’t forget…. Hi Mary!!!
Let me say that a few years ago I went to a horror convention and I heard about this show. Once I got around to looking it up and listening to an episode I liked it. Now it is my favorite podcast. Are there slicker productions out there? Sure. Are there more knowledgeable cinephiles out there? Of course. Is there a better mixture of chemistry between the hosts or more out and out joy in the making of a podcast? Absolutely not! Listening to this podcast is like putting on your favorite, most comfortable shoes. They manage to eviscerate cinematic turkeys without a hint of vitriol or mean- spiritedness. I enjoy listening to them a lot. If you get a chance, listen to it. I do not think that you will be disappointed!
I was looking around for another podcast to enjoy, when I came upon this one. I love this show. When I start listening I really feel like im in a room listening to a bunch of friends talking about B-movies. Keep up the good work. I think I found one of my top podcasts. Thanks for the fun an laughs.
I love the B Cast podcast because it soothes the inner monster kid in me. I would hope young and old horror fans could listen to B Cast but if not I think the older horror fans will be comfortable with Vince and company. I also like B Cast because everyone sounds like a bunch of old friends talking about movies and now I have some new friends to listen too.
The B-Movie Cast is not only an informative & highly entertaining podcast, but a rich community of people who enjoy weird films from around the world. I highly recommend this podcast to those of you who are seeking unusual films.
The B-movie crew are the best podcast for horror and sci-fi movies anywhere on the internet. Good, insightful talk about all things B-Movies (horror, sci-fi, westerns, etc.). Vince, Nic, Mary, Juan, and all of the other guest hosts, bring something different to the table that makes it so diverse. Thanks for keeping it clean, too!
I've listened to Vince Rotolo and the B-Movie gang for over a year now. If you're looking for bookish, overly didactic film analysis, then continue your search. The B-Movie Cast is a fun group of people who put on no pretense whatsoever. Their genuine love for the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s sci-fi/horror schmaltz is as infectious as it is informative. It's just about the only podcast that I listen to each week, without excpetion. Highly recommended!!!!!
I am an Engineer that works 11-12 hrs a day and The B-Movie Cast really helps lighten my work week. To Vince and Mary, the B-Moive Cast is just a blast! I have turned a few friends and a family member on to the cast and now that is about all we talk about. From The Killdoser to The Monster Bash. You guys are just a hoot and we look forward to every cast. The best of everything, Engineer Chuck and "The Hottie" Mary Ann
I've enjoyed the casual conversations between Vince, Mary and Nick for a couple of years. It's clear that the hosts love B-Movies and they relay a lot of information about them. Nick gives a nice recap of the plot and Vince delivers facts about the cast and crew. This is not the slickest, overly produced podcast out there, but the way it's presented actually fits the genre it represents almost perfectly.
If you love B movies or any movie for that matter this is the podcast for you. B-Movie podcast is your place for honest and in depth coverage of your favorite B movies and current favorites. Very entertaining. I love the fact crew here is honest, fair in it's coverage of the movie being discussed. They also encourage listeners to call in and or email messages. They also have a Facebook page which is fun to. So in summary subscribe to this podcast and join their Facebook page Great work B-movie Cast Brian M. Howard
I never miss Vince, Mary and Nick - Endlessly entertaining and informative.
Vince, Mary, Nick & a revolving slew of guests bring you the world of B-Movies. Just a fun, consistant podcast that will leave you with a smile on your face & a ton of b-movies suggestions for your movie library or Netflix queue. If you love B-movies this podcast is for you...
i've listened to every episode of the B-Movie Cast and i totally enjoy it! Vince, Mary, Nic, Juan and all the other characters who contribute their love and knowledge to the show make this program a real delight. not only that...the show has really become a community of b-movie lovers. i've had the pleasure of meeting the cast and other b-movie fans several times at Monsterbash in Pennsylvania. its a real joy hanging out with the crew and talking b-movies over food and drink. Long Live the B-Movie Cast!!!!!
A smart and friendly crew. I'm addicted. Sometimes I'll wait to watch the topic movie until after the podcast other times I'm searching out titles I've already seen to get their opinions. A knowledgable group whose main goal seems to be to point you in the direction of movies you haven't seen before, and to laugh, respectfully, for the ones you've seen and love. Great job. Keep it up!
I've always enjoyed the podcast and the facts and behind the scenes info keep up the great work, mike the creature in colorado
I listen to a LOT of podcasts - I have a long daily commute and the podcasts keep me going. Vince, Mary, Nic and Juan are now old friends and theirs is the first podcast I listen to each week. I'm a member of the Facebook fan page and love all things B-Moviecast. I do love the movies, but the conversation is golden - it's like sitting in your living room, kicking back and visiting with good friends. Keep up the good work guys - I have miles to go before I sleep . . . !
If you like going to conventions or sitting around with your friends and listening to them talk about great old movies, this podcast is for you! Very little foul language, friendly, funny hosts, great info, suggestions, fabulous feedback. These guys love their listeners and it shows. Great contests too, cool prizes. If you are a genre fan, check this out, you won't regret it!!!
Fun, informative and always entertaining, The B Movie Cast covers a variety of films, including sci fi, action, horror and more. No matter how bad you might think the film is, the crew in the B Movie playhouse makes one remember why these films are such fun. Every podcast fan should add this to their collection.... Hmmm, I mean queue.
I'd spent a good while looking for a podcast that loves these movies as much as I do, and this is the one I recommend. Yes, there are other shows that talk about B-movies, but few as lovingly as this one. Plus, B-Movie Cast doesn't seem as averse to made-for-TV movies, which I also genuinely love.
Great movies discussed with very likable people. You can tell they enjoy what they are doing. The B-Movie Cast is one of the best podcast out there for classic horror and scifi. Give it a try. You will not be disappointed!
I enjoy how Vince presents a look at the b-movie world. And his wife sounds lovely. Nick is always amusing. BUT....Juan's voice is so annoying! And on my I-pod, his mike is always hot, so he comes on SO LOUD, especially compared to low-key Vince. Otherwise, enjoy the sound clips and thoughts. I listen every week.
Vince what is Stawbucks? The rest of the planet says "Star” bucks. When you go into the coffee shop don't they make you pronounce it correctly?
The B-Movie Cast is what a podcast should be like … a weekly gathering of friends [young and young-at-heart] talking, laughing, and loving B-Movies of all kinds! If you're new to listening this or any podcast, the crew of the B-Movie podcast are warm, friendly people who welcome one and all to the podcast. There's nothing fake or phony about them. They are what other podcasts strive to be and sometimes fail. This podcast is nothing but pure gold even though some of the movies reviewed may not. Each film is spoken of in a way that may give you reason to try them out … or again whatever the case might be.
I've been an avid listener of this podcast since I discovered it a few years ago. It's like having a film class in college where a different classic is viewed and discussed. Instead of 'Vertigo' or 'Citizen Kane' we're discussing 'Simon, King of the Witches.' Keeping up with the films viewed ensures I have something interesting to watch each week. Some I've seen many times, some I've never heard of. Nick, Mary, Nic and Juan are like old friends I could have over for a TV dinner and a movie. I think there's even another Nick. My dog is named Nick. Films are discussed from a grown up point of view and not at all 'film scholar snooty.'
not your typical movie review podcast and that's why i like this show.the hosts and their guests are fun to listen to.recommend!
The B Movie Cast has a fun, likeable group of b-movie fans discussing the wide range of horror, exploitation, sci-fi and other film oddities often grouped together under the heading "B-Movies". It really is like joining in a discussion of these films with other affable b-movie fiends. Will definitely be listening to more! I've been going through a bit of a 60s and 70s horror kick, and it's great to look up old episodes from films I've seen.
Love the show guys. It is refreshing to hear a laid back podcast about some great and not so great films of the past. Keep up the great work.
You guys are great! Keep up the great job. I am loving the Thing from another world retrospective. Can't wait to see what you guys say about John Carpenter's Classic.
B-Movie Cast is incredibly well produced. The editing, use of music and clips pulls me in. I especially love the choice of films covered. It is very refreshing to listen to shows on classic films rather than every other podcast which feels it needs to talk about what's in theaters this week. I, myself, have begun really digging into more classic films. Being able to shoot over to B-Movie Cast and find shows on these films is a treat. Thanks Vince. great Job. - Andy (previously from The Hollywood Saloon, and so to be, Andy vs Hollywood)
For lovers of b-movies and the genre in genral, the B-Moviecastcast team of Vince, Mary, and Nic never fail to produce an extremely entertaining and informative podcast. Excellent guess hosts, such as Juan and Adian, add great knowledge and perspective to the podcast as well. Their love and dedication to the podcast is contagious and addictive. Try one episode and you will be back....
B-movie cast is an entertaining and professional-quality podcast! I enjoy listening to the whole cast of characters. Great movie selection!
I am a big Bmovie fan and happened to stumble across Vince's podcast a few weeks ago. Should have left a review earlier but I have been too busy listening to the huge library of casts that Vince and crew have put out to date. WOW I love this cast!! Vince along with co-host Nic and sometimes Mary do a great job with these episodes. It's nice to listen to someone folks with a real appreciation for these old flicks etc. Great movies, good production values, contests you can't lose. LISTEN NOW!!!!!!
Thank for taking the time to review these wonderful and not so wonderful movies that i used to see on late night weekend TV. The chemistry between the hosts and the various guest hosts is great and entertaining. Well worth the time to regain the love of these B movies.
Don't miss this podcast if you love B-films, retro films, and trash cinema. Vince, Mary, and Nic are a fun team with fun guests. This podcast feels like you are hanging out with your friends every Sunday and watching a B-film together and / or talking about it later over a good meal. If you want stodgy film critique, go elsewhere. If you want fun and want to discover movies you've somehow missed, stick around