The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Reviews For The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Love these guys for their kindness, gentleness and good humor. Seemed to go away for awhile but now back. Missed them very much.
This show is really, really boring.
Absolutely and unequivocally one of the most entertaining teams in the pagan podcasting world.
I'm new to this podcast but I'm so glad I found it. It's wonderful.
I really enjoy the music and discussion. I stumbled on this show a while back and it's a permanent resident on my feed. I always listen to the whole albums featured!
I know that I am kind of late to the party, but I wanted to say that the Wigglian Way is a wonderful podcast and I hope to plunge right in there with past episodes. Blessed Be!
Love the music
Been listening to Mojo and Sparrow for many, many years. Love love love. :)
This is the best podcast I have found. I enjoy the topics and the interviews, plus the music they play is great. I hope this podcast continues. I really enjoy Mojo and Sparrow's input about paganism and Wicca and everything else they talk about. Such a fun time in every episode.
Finally a pagan podcast that is well produced and entertaining. I just finished listening to the interview with Damh the Bard and it answered so many of the questions I had about OBOD. Great show. You have a new regular listener.
I've been listening to this podcast since '08 and it NEVER gets old. Mojo and Sparrow keep things interesting and keep listeners engaged. You need to add this podcast.
I can't wait for the next podcast from these two. So Much Fun and info.!
I love this podcast! Both Sparrow and Mojo are very knowledgable and have great personalities. This was my first pagan podcast and I will always remember how I felt after listening to the first episode, like I was part of a larger community and not alone anymore. The combination of muisc, interviews, and their perspective on issues in the pagan community is excelent. These are the pagan friends you wish you had! Make sure to subscibe and to dowload their earlier episodes too! )O(
The best! Thanks for sharing!
Would really like to thank you both for such an amazing podcast. I have been a fence sitting solitary for years and find your show to be very motivating, informative and all that good stuff. It has been a long lonely road, now feels like I've got some company. Thanks...
This is the best pagan podcast around. Sparrow and Mojo are honest, open and highly entertaining. They've been very inspiring to me.
I'm finally catching up on all of the Wigglian Way shows from the very beginning, and I wouldn't have missed any of them. I have listened to their journey, and through their three years, I wouldn't have expected to find such wonderful company. When you listen to their show, it isn't a show. It's like you're sitting in their studio, just hanging out. Their thoughts and interviews are insightful and educational, and the music is outstanding. I absolutely LOVE Mojo and Sparrow, and I know you will too!
I love this show. Mojo & Sparrow are smart and funny. The topics and interviews are interesting, and they play great music. It's enough to make a person want to move to Canada! (And I really don't do cold!) Keep up the good work guys.
Oh my goodness you two have blown me away! Your interview with Arthur Hinds was fantastic! I was wonderfully surprised to learn that "Freya Shakti" started out as a blend of the Male and Female. Once I heard "Freya Shakti" I felt I needed to find an equally impressive tribute to the male; who knew the author had already done that but had not published it yet. Needless to say my search is completed. Please keep up the GREAT podcast. Mojo, I am so proud of your ability to rise above "smoke" and rediscover your gifts and self.
I'm officially walking the Wigglian Way. Thanks for a great show!
I love this podcast. It's fun to listen to everything they have to say. I'm still catching up on listening to them all but I find this podcast worth listening to from the beginning. I'm only up to episode 24. Keep up the great work. :-).
I love listening to MoJo and Sparrow. I appreciate their wisdom and perspective, perhaps especially because I'm in the Desert and they're in BC. I enjoy this and perhaps you will too.
I just love how they ralk about other things than paganism not just paganism! It just makes for a more amazibg show!
Simply the most unpretentious, infectiously human, and unabashedly enjoyable pagan talk & music show out there. The Wigglian Way is less about its content than it is a bi-monthly visit with the delightful personalities of its hosts. This dynamic duo are the genuine article. They love what they are doing, and they love... spreading the love! In a genre filled with egos and adgendas, Mojo & Sparrow are a breath of fresh air. Not out to prove how much they know, never biting off more than they can chew, this duo and their circle of guests are humble, down-to-earth and un-selfconsciously funny. They delight in thier subject and thier respect for each other resonates. In the constantly growing category of pagan-oriented podcasts, TWW remains consistently in the top five. Highly recommended.
I've been listening to Sparrow and Mojo for years now and they just keep getting better and better. The joy that they experience in their Paganism, their practice, the show and their relationship absolutely shines through in every episode. Keep up the great work you two and the rest of us will keep looking up to you. Blessed Be
A great show. It's fun to listen to and shows quite a bit of Canadian Peganisim. But to some British witches and some US Witches, some of the lessons hold many things we would NEVER follow, such as when mojo once said that he used his Anthame in animal sacrifices sometimes. First, In BTW we dont do animal sacrifice that I know of, and second, to draw any blood with the Anthame is absolutly prohibited. It is a magnet for negitave energys and such. Well, I still love the show for the most part. Love ya Moje and Sparrow. Peace!
This podcast is absolutely amazing. Always funny, always informative. I always love listening to The Wigglian Way. It's a wonderful mix of both enjoyable randomness and current issues in the pagan community. Thanks for making such a wonderful show & keep up the great work!
Funny, Light-hearted and get info. Mojo and Sparrow are Wonderful Podcasters with Great Spirit. Check them out and I promise you they won't disappoint you. They are Great!!!
The Wigglian Way is a wonderful show, rich in information and laughs. The characters and personalities on the show are personable, and are very involved with their fan-base. I recommend the show to anyone who even has a passing interest in Wicca or the Craft.
Ok I have to admit I resisted this show for a long time. I don't know why. But I heard your promo on so many other podcasts that I kind of took it as a (literal) message that I should give you a try. I am so glad that I did. I am now addicted to this show. The pair of you are endearing and very knowledgeable, not to mention very down to earth and funny. Even the corny (sorry guys!) chant at the end of the show has gotten to me. I am now singing it in my apartment - darn you! LOL. Keep 'em coming.
Great mix of information and music to newcomers to the craft. Keep up the GREAT work!!!
Very entertaining and enjoyed Sparrow's 101 sessions. The music is pretty nice at times. But overall, I found the podcast both informative and enlightening.
I love this podcast. You come away feeling really good about yourself and everything around you. Sparrow and Mojo are great. They keep your attention from the start to the finish and you leave wanting more. I can't say enough about it. It's uplifting and positive. I wish I had enough words to describe this podcast. All I can say is that if you listen to them once, you will be hooked. Thank you both.
What are you waiting for? You NEED to listen to this show. Sparrow and Mojo have raised the bar on Pagan podcasts and they only get better with each episode. The successor to WPBN? You bet!
A fantastic podcast from two saltof-the-earth Pagans. Mojo and Sparrow are funny, insightful, and grounded. If you want to know what real Pagans sound like, listen to "The Wigglian Way."
I think your show provides the perfect counterpoint to Deo's Shadow. I like you both and together you provide a more balanced view of the pagan experience.