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Reviews For Kids Music Planet Podcast

I love this podcast! Well, I would, since I'm a co-host along with my wife and daughter, but still... we give an audio tour of each CD so you can decide for yourself whether to get a copy for your family. And we talk about this wonderful thing called children's music. If you have kids and ears, this podcast is for you! Please check it out!
I love this podcast and find myself bouncing a bit to the songs- Great resource! Hope we see more soon- Thank you!
Thanks Lisa! I'm a elementary music teacher who's always looking for some fresh, fun songs to bring to my primary grades. Your podcast is enjoyable and a great resource! I also appreciate the iMix that you put together.
Lisa Harper does a terrific job introducing new children's artists and their material to listeners. Her voice is warm and accessible. I am looking forward to hearing more.