Mike Esser The Joy of Dancing

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Sorry, this isn't house.
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST I'VE HEARD IN YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!
This podcast is so good, you can throw away the rest of your music to make space for apps and videos. Just plain awesome!!!
i just now got into house and trance and u are my favoirte i must say! i have to carry my ipod with me every where i go so i can listen to it. aww i loove it!!
so glad i ran into it. great dance music.
Within the first few seconds, as his beats begin to take hold, youll become mesmerized. Where does this guy get his exclusives and special weapons from? As one of the legends in the music community, with these beats he serves you. Its no wonder he the most popular DJ in podcasting. "Ten, tens, tens across the board!"


OMG can u come to New York ur the best I love u and everything u play I'm not into podcasts but OMG ur amazing!!!!!
If you like creative non-stop remixes of mainstream-but-hip songs then this is the podcast for you!!