Our Savior's Church - Lafayette Campus

Reviews For Our Savior's Church - Lafayette Campus

Thank you for reaching Gods followers in every way possible.
I love the way Pastor Jacob speaks the Truth in a loving way. I am proud to call him My Pastor. Dexter
Awesome word I was not able to attend this service because I had to work. Thank you guys for doing this! Keep up the great work. To my Opelousas family we have a great work to do in Otown. Let's be faithful, and prayful in our war against Pride, Prejudice and Poverty. We will help bring back life as God wants in O Town. I love you OSC.
Awesome love being able to hear when I can't be there. Thank you thank you!!
What happened towards the end of pastor Jacob's sermon?! He made reference to a man who was sick in the hospital, but instead of paraphrasing what was told to him. He repeated word for word including profanity in his sermon. It really through me and my spouse for a loop!! Plus we had a visitor to the church that day. Am I the only one who is confused and hurt by this incident? If anyone from Our Saviors Church could clarify this for me. Or can you?
Yikes, "The Evolution Delusion" podcasted sermon is awful. You'd do yourself a favor if you spent the hour actually researching evolutionary biology on your own, instead of listening to two fundamentalists lie about it. Check out The Language of God by Francis Collins for some great insights about evolution from an Evangelical Christian.
I work offshore 2 weeks a month. I love that I don't have to miss that much anymore. Thanks!!
We have been attending since April 12, 2009, when a friend invited us after a battle I was facing, and we have been going ever since as a family. The workers at kidz- in -motion always greet my nephew by name and he has since joined praise and worship with the lovely Erin and pastor Johnny. When my mom and I go to the main building the greeters are very plesant and welcoming. I feel happy, safe and I don't want to leave, because I will have to go back and face the cruel world when surrounded by loving people for only two hours is not long enough. Thank you all for making me feel worthy again. I love how I feel when I go to church.
After listening to Pastor Jacob in service preach on what ever we feed, weither it is our soul or our spirit we feed, that is what will grow. I wanted to feed my spirit more and thought listening to the sermons online would help me stay focused and keep my eyes on the prize. I got on OSC's website and started listening during the day to the sermons i found there. The next weekend I was going to ask how I could get more sermons and i was going to ask when OSC did updates on it's website, this is when the iTunes announcement came over the screen. I am sooo excited about this and that I can feed my spirit as I work and I can download them and send them to my loved ones. AND IT IS ALL FREE!!!! How awesome Thanks OSC dpelous
My wife and I have been attending the Broussard campus for just over a month now, and we have been so blessed! Pastors are awesome, music is awesome, the entire experience & atmosphere are phenominal! One request, is there a way to make available the pre-service worship music?? That would be incredible!! Thanks, OSC!!
My Family just recently went to your church. We loved the experience so much that we can not wait until next Sunday. My 5 year old also loved your kidz in motion. You are doing a great thing. Keep it up!
Thank you so much for making these podcasts!! I live in Lafayette, but go to college away from home. It's so nice to have these podcasts when I am unable to return home to attend service.
Hey! Yall have brought joy to me and i am sure to many other people. I aslo, LOVE the Elder 5 video it is hilarious. i was thinking, yall need to put Pastor Chris' messages on itune, too! i would be all over it! I also, appreceate yall doing the work of GOD! God bless yall and your families.
Thank you for adding the sermons. I hate when I am out of town and have to miss another great service.
You guys are sooo awesome!!!! THank you sooo much for taking the time to put all this stuff on the itunes store. And I love the elder 5 video!!! I was sooo surprised to see it!!! Everything is soo great. I definitly recomend subscribing to it!!! Duh!