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Reviews For TreeHugger Radio

The new format is amazing. Responding to insightful questions helps me understand the dedication, the decisions and the rewarding results that can be acheived by changing one's focus on sustainability. I am enjoying the diversity of your guests, from CEOs to acclaimed environmentalists. Thank you!
TH is a good website, but this podcast is terrible.. The audio production quality is shoddy (I couldn't even hear Paul Hawken with my speakers cranked), and the style is boring (as in, lifeless).
As soon as someone sees the word "treehugger" they jump to conclusions and call people liberals and hippies. However, they are quite to judge because they are too ignorant to give up a comfy lifestyle; that is the downfall of America - laziness. Thank God there are people who are not lazy and show what is really happening to the Earth because of our waste and how we can stop it. Bravo TreeHugger Radio, you deserve 10/5 stars.
Blah...blah...blah. Same tired tripe coming from the hippies who won't go away. They continually warn of an impending rise in sea levels. They've been making these claims since the 70's. Ain't happened yet. Listen to this if you want a good laugh but not for it's factual content.
Excellent interview with Dr. Cullen. Very timely and informative
This podcast talks about the lastest happenings in the news of global warming and other environmental issues. I especially like the interviews. A little short for my taste, but still great and I will continue to listen to it.