Best's Insurance Law Podcast

Reviews For Best's Insurance Law Podcast

I'm an in-house attorney in a consumer products industry so I frequently deal with many varieties of insurance. I was skeptical that this podcast would actually cover substantive insurance law - but it does! Personally, I find insurance matters to be more interesting than some other legal topics I deal with in-house, bc when insurance comes into play there's often conflict, litigation and unusual fact patterns. Clearly, this podcast is not meant to be entertainment and I'm not sure if it would interest the average person. However, if you're interested in insurance law this is very informative and useful. It's a painless way to stay on top of new developments and also hear about a wide range of insurance issues.
Very informative podcast that focuses on timely topics impacting the insurance industry from a legal perspective. Topics are great, format is short and very informative.
Very informative, hope to hear more about property insurance litigation and enormous amounts of conflict of interest and case law against insurance companies.
Well done! The guest experts are articulate and the subjects are relevant, yet quite varied.