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This is easily one of the best video game podcasts to date. I have been an avid listener since around November 2011. Since then I have listened to all of the Retronauts episodes there are. Even the old episodes are fantastic. If you want relive your nostalgia for old games or hear of some old games you never heard of Retronauts is the podcast for you. Both passed and presents hosts are really knowledgeable about retro games. Though Jeremy does like to use the term “nebulous” a lot. Bob is a nice charismatic guy that makes me tune in to Retronauts whenever it is available. His movie month idea has been the best yet. If you love retro video games or just want to find out more about them check out Retronauts, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Fandango
The hosts, editors from 1Up and IGN, are incredibly knowledgable about not just the big blockbusters of today and yesterday, but also lesser known titles from gamings past. The Movie Month sessions are great and definetly worth downloading even years from original publishing. In fact, every episode is worth grabbing because this podcast is relevant any month, year, etc. The topics move at a great pace and Bob, the host, makes sure everyone stays on point. Whether you were gaming in '86 or '06 this is a great retrospective on all things gaming culture. Fandango.
I love retronaughts. It always churns up some of my nostalgic memories of classic games. I hold those memories so close to my heart when it comes to my experiences with video gaming. There were tons of greats, and these guys know about a lot of them. I always walk away from a podcast knowing more about those games I think are so great, and it's also great to know there are others that think they are great games, too. Really hope the bonus stage can be resurrected, maybe as "Bonus stage: Extra 1up?" Keep up the great podcast guys, and thanks for helping to keep my gaming love alive and strong. :-)
its a great companion to their audio podcast. love it. where are the new episodes?
Retro games in video form, WHOA. If you liked the retronauts podcast download this too.
Great Podcast for those who love retro games and might have missed some of the classic like myself anyway great podcast