Journey Community Church - La Mesa, CA

Reviews For Journey Community Church - La Mesa, CA

I live in Boise Idaho and listen to this podcast every week. How refreshing!
Journey/Ed has transformed my life and the way I live my life. Ed's sense of humor is great and his sermons keep me wanting more:)


By I,robot
I love Eds humor and his messages are clear.
Ed is an excellent speaker. Everytime I listen to Ed, there is something new, fresh, and funny. He is a down to earth pratical person. You will not be disapointed listening to him. Ed is an assest to the this church.
Wow... Part SoCal Surfer style preaching, half-humor, half-deep as a canyon, and 100% what I love to listen to. I download these messages to the iPod for listening during the commute... one minute I'm chuckling along with Ed's off-beat humor, and the next I'm in awe of what God is teaching me through these poignant messages that intertwine modern culture with timeless truth. Keep it up, Ed! And yes, *much* good can come out of Omaha (Ed, for one, and me and my wife for another!)
who is this Noble guy anyway? can anything good come out of Omaha?
these podcasts have a great message.and journey you are in my prayers.