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To hear the Solid Steel stuff in podcast form, so it would be more convenient, but still cool. That Soundcloud channel of Ninja Tunes makes my life better, I swear to you. I would have no problem donating a dollar or two here and there either if made downloadable
Great Podcast! I love hearing about all the new releases.. Just picked up "Black Sands" after hearing the most recent episode. Extremely happy!
Can't get enough from the Greatest Record Company In The World!!! If you like this go subscribe to the Solid Steel weekly podcasts as well!
Great spotlights on artists, it's opened me up to some new music. I look forward to the next episode...just wish it would come sooner.
drippity, drip. all things Ninja. all things Ropeadope. namaste.
This podcast provides a look at the underbelly of class and style. Its a foxy cast guaranteed to entertain. I have begun the countdown to the next episode, join me.