Reviews For The Stuart Bedasso Show

Well, Stuart is absolutely terrific - hysterical! - and the rest of the cast is pretty funny too BUT Stuart is clearly the star of this podcast. The whole cast is very talented and I can tell they're having a great time. Can someone please tell me what this business about "cracker barrel" & "sunshine cake" is all about? I've listened to every show since the beginning but I have no idea what you are referring to. So sorry to hear about Pat's illness. Yeesh. I was moved when Barack sent that message about her. Wait! It just occurs to me I don't know if Pat is a girl or a guy. I assume Pat's a woman but I guess I don't really know for sure. You guys never mention Pat's gender. Hmm. Well, anyway, I was moved. Amazing how you turned Pat's illness into a very funny segment! Lemonade from lemons, I guess. Nice work.