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Joanna's heart and insightfulness shine in every episode of this beautiful, poignant podcast. What a gift!
Wonderful, mind-ordering, heart-lifting production. Thank you, Joanna, for helping to raise awareness about what is necessary to heal and transform ourselves, our culture, and our planet.
This podcast is informative, and mind-infusing (with truthful flowers of earth's grace)...but the sound quality needs work. It would be so appreciated if I could hear the interviewees voice more clearly....
A great source for thoughtful insights & conversations that will change the way you think about the world!
Thoughtful questions delivered gently and incisively that give the responders a lot to think about. This makes for fascinating conversations on a wide range of important, life-positive topics.
Joanna Harcourt-Smith and John Lamb Lash are discussing some of the most important topics of our time - and discussing them well. I was particularly impressed with their dialogue on entheogens, but it appears those talks were simply the hooks reeling me into a treasure-house of resource, information, and common sense. I would say, if you made it here to read what I am writing, you should probably check this out. I cannot believe that I am the first one to leave a review for this podcast. It is an honor though. Thanks you two. MagickalRecords.net