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A complete waste of time. What a shame I cannot rate lower than one star.
If you're looking for Al Gore speaches, etc. don't even bother clicking on these. It's a lame mock of Al Gore as a puppet. It's not even very funny for those that can laugh at ourselves. It's either hostile or a bad attempt on jumping on a celeb's bandwagon.
Al Gore Is Awesome Indeed.. I'm constantly in *Awe* of just how mindnumbing he is to listen to. Seriously, why can't the negative reviews of this parody at least appreciate the creative idea behind the blog? Or at least the artistic skill it took to make the Al Gore puppet! I'd pay good money for the puppet alone! I think this podcast was funny to listen to, entertaining to watch, and hey, poking a little fun at Al is a good time. As for those who claim this is one of those Right Wing agenda type things.. well. Lighten up. It's not all about you and about how Liberals are ruining everyting. Although it's true..
Whenever a Republican can't discredit a message, they attack the messenger. God bless PRESIDENT Al Gore. Keep up the fight.


By Medrese
This may very well be the worst podcast I have seen.


Yet another right-wing attempt to demonize Gore. He never said he invented the internet. He said he helped create the internet by supporting its increased funding. Ann Coulter created the "Al is a liar" myth by saying that create is the same as invent, yet in the context it does not. Try doing a little research before you tell the world something.