Camp Jinx

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This podcast is so hilarious-every time....I only wish I'd discovered them sooner!
I have been a fan of these people from way back in the summer of 03 with The Brendan Leonard Show. I am so happy to see they are still making videos. I have been enjoything this podcast!
i love it i love it i love it <3
Both hilarious and heartwarming, Camp Jinx podcasts have a way of making you smile 'til your cheeks burn and laugh 'til your stomach hurts! As each of the Leonards reveal themselves in their individual podcasts, you will find yourself drawn not only to their refreshing sense of humor, but also to the sincerity and unconventional approach to their musings on any and every matter. Sometimes crazy but always meaningful, Camp Jinx serves as a window to learning to see and appreciate the little things in life: the details, so to speak. Truly, you will find yourself developing a soft spot for the Leonard family as they allow you a peek into their creative, refreshing way of life.