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I admire Erik's ability to find new areas of math to talk about, and the way he makes them so accessible to amateurs such as me. He's true to his intro... finding math in all sorts of weird corners. Keep it up, Erik. Update 6/27/18: I am a middle school math teacher. No matter what I'm teaching there is always a student who either "knows this already" or "did this last year," and I am constantly in search of enrichment problems and activities. Some of these podcasts are great fodder for these activities. I've been on hiatus from listening for a while, but I'm catching up and glad to be finding more pearls of wisdom. David S.
Your opening, "A podcast where we discuss fun, interesting, or just plain weird corners of mathematics that you would not of heard in school" contains at least three grammatical errors. Please fix them! Who wants to learn from someone who can't even speak properly? (1) 'of' is completely wrong. (2) We don't hear the corners, we hear about the corners. (3) When I was in school, I did hear about some of the things you discuss. Try "A podcast where we discuss fun, interesting, or just plain weird corners of mathematics that you might not have heard about in school." Update: Your last episode was gross!!! Get a pop guard so we don’t have to hear your lips smacking between words. Nobody wants to hear that! Ick!!
I have been listening to his podcast since 2008, and I have always been impressed by with Erik’s ability to take aspects of every day life and explain the mathematics and philosophy that are behind them. As a future professional mathematician, I appreciate how every topic, no matter the level of mathematical sophistication, is explained in a down-to-earth way that is accessible to anyone regardless of their background. After seven years, I still eagerly look forward to the release of each new episode, and I still find each one as interesting as the previous. Keep up the great work!
I am a high school math teacher and I love this podcast. They are short podcasts about various mathematical topics. I find them very interesting.
I love this podcast. I listen to it in the morning with my oldest son, Samuel, on our drive to work. It makes for fun conversation and I am going to be sad when we have finished all the episodes. don-E Merson
Just completed binge listening to this most excellent podcast. It's like eating from a bag filled with your favorite candies in all your favorite flavors.
I am a lover of math and even majored in applied mathematics in college. I can say that Erik is right in that a lot of the topics were not things I heard in school. And these are the stories that inspire me and remind me why math has such a big part in so many of my passions. Thanks Erik for the work you do to provide this podcast!
Math Mutation is a great way to show some of the vast forest of mathematics that non-mathematicians never see. Keep up the good work.
In easy-to-listen-to short episodes, this podcast covers a wide range of math topics from the recreational to the serious, on topics both classical and modern. Highly recommended. Might I suggest you do an episode explaining the Riemann zeta function for those of us whom it bewilders?
Just last weekend I finally caught up with the present, finishing the most recent Math Mutation. I usually listen to them while doing yard work, and it's taken me since the summer to get through from episode zero to the present. I enjoy them very much, and have decided to mark them all as unplayed and start over... Does that mean I'm caught in an infinite loop? This time through I plan to flag episodes to play to my high school students. Keep up the great work.
Thanks for the delightful pods. You have a dark sense of humor that is subtle and have characteristics of its own. Can you do a pod on measurement precision vs. mathematical formula.
This is a fun and educational podcast covering an interesting variety of math topics. If you didn't even know there WERE topics in math beyond what you covered in high school, this is a great place to start.
Only complaint is there aren't more of them.
I would gladly elect Erik Seligman our benevolent philosopher king! In all seriousness it's great to find a podcast that makes such an important subject short, fun, and most importantly: interesting.
It's a fun, quick, simple review of different, quirky, and interesting math topics. A definite recommendation for any geek!
Ever heard someone say, "He's all hat and no cattle"? Well, Erik's the opposite. He doesn't need fancy sound embellishment nor witty repartee to keep his listeners engaged. (But his one-liners delivered dead pan are a nice touch!) Always an interesting subject explored in a way we can understand. He knows his math... and more.
I was looking for something to keep my mind occupied while I drive to work. Erik does a great job of spelling out complex subjects for the math-curious. I'm started at the first podcast and I've already purchased a few of the books he recommended. Keep up the good work.
Mind-blowing topics/facts. Even if you are not in a mathematical field, you might find this podcast useful. I like it. Eric, you are appreciated! From: Basha de L
Interesting and just long enough to give you something to think about when you are bored.
I have been listening to Math Mutation since #158 and I find them highly stimulating to my thought. I thank you for investing your time in Math Mutation, and I will continue to commend this series to my friends.
Very interesting topics. After the episode is over, I often find myself sitting in silence, pondering the topic for several minutes.
I've enjoyed these brief meditations on mathmatical and philosophical topics for well over a year. A wide variety of topics, some wry humor, and thoughtful writing make this cast one I always listen to as soon as a new episode comes out.
Math Mutation is one of my favorite podcasts, and I listen to well over a dozen different podcasts during my long commutes. I did not do well in math at school, but Math Mutation is nothing like school. It's short, really interesting, actually fun - Mr Seligman the host has a good sense of humor - and it's easy to understand. I wish this podcast could come out more frequently, it's that good. Thank you for an excellent audio program.
Great, fun podcast. Never boring and just the right length for each topic. Keep it up!
always interesting, well focused. I am having a very good time every time.Seligman looks for well defined subjects that open up new vistas for thoughts. Thanks for your time and efforts.
Erik does a great job of translating math into fascinating snippets. He seems to have fun doing it and he is a joy to listen to. Great podcast!
Each episode is short and to the point, but entertaining to listen to. Even this social science person can wrap her brain around these math topics.
Erik does a fun job finding obscure corners of math to talk about. Whether you're math challenged or well-aware of these corners, you'll enjoy it. I would like my Math Mutation a little more often, but always listen to it first when the subscription come in. A good time
The presenter provides insights into daily life and the world around us that give the listener a whole new way to appreciate them. Math seems real, rather than abstract when he talks about games, flocking "boids", and a whole range of everyday events. He has a pleasant speaking voice and an ability to make himself understood that are better than found on the average podcast. Don't let memories of algebraic torture and pop quizzes keep you from enjoying a new way to look at (or hear about) math.
There's nothing wrong with helping kids do their math homework, but thankfully, this is the one podcast I've found that goes into some more interesting things. It deals with the wild side of math- extra dimensions, number theory, thought experiments, and unanswered problems that are being attacked by modern mathematicians. My only complaint is that I wish the episodes were longer. Highly recommended!
In just a few minutes, Erik Seligman gives a nice taste of some of the interesting (and weird) corners of mathematics. I enjoy my short math "commercials" interspersed between some of the longer podcasts I listen to. Thanks, Erik, for the good work!
Erik does a great job of tearing off a monster slab of math meat (sorry, veggies) and breaking it down into tasty bite sized morsels. Don't let the length of the podcast fool you. They are all entertaining/educational. At the very least they will get one to grab that book off of the shelf (as I did with Simon Singh's 'The Code Book') and get to reading. The Best part about the podcast is he continues to do it!! So many good podcasts wither after a few months. If you want this to stick around, please take the time to subscribe to it and write a review. Thanks Erik!


By ansont1
its fun, its interesting, it feeds my nerdy side. great podcast by someone that obviously loves the subject
Out of all of the podcasts that I listen to, this is the one that's almost guaranteed to make me laugh out loud. Each episode is a delighted and delightful look into some odd corner of mathematics, extrapolated out to its known and its possible consequences.
If only they came out more often.
I am a pure math major currently studying at the University of Central Florida. I do a lot of driving and I listen to a lot of podcasts. As a math major, my favorite podcasts usually deal with math. However, Math Mutation is by far the best podcast I listen to. Out of all of them, math or otherwise! The only thing I think that could be changed with Math Mutation is to make it more frequent. 2 or even 3 times a week would be great and would make my drives that much better. Or perhaps some longer episodes (maybe 20-30 minutes) covering a topic more in depth. More Math Mutation could only be a good thing! Keep up the great work Erik!!
This is one of my favorite podcasts because Eric Seligman does a great job of finding interesting topics in math and sharing them in 3 to 5 minute podcasts. No calculator necessary!
I discovered Math Mutation about a year ago and have looked forward to each new episode since. I also went back and listened to all the episodes that I had missed. Erik does a very good job at explaining some very difficult concepts in a way that the average person can understand them. As a math teacher, it is always nice to see that there are people out there that are are as interested in math as I am. Thank you, Erik, for a great podcast
Great podcast that renewed my interest in Math, and led me to new information.
This podcast does an excellent job of looking at the fun and interesting side of mathematics. Its technical enough to explore a topic without being too detailed and lose listeners during explanations. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to understand a wide variety of math topics.
Erik recently (June 2009) ran for his local school board and lost by a very few votes. While this is a sad event for the local community, it is a good one for us, the podcast community. Why? Because he will produce more of these wonderful podcasts!!
This is a delightful podcast that allows nonspecialists to get an inkling of the vast array of beautiful & interesting topics in mathematics. The host, Erik Seligman, does a fine job giving his listeners the appropriate amount of detail without drowning his subjects in it. His crisp descriptions (coupled with his dry wit) make for an enjoyable 3-5 minutes. If you are a math & science geek, why debate? Just click "subscribe" now and thank me later. --Oh, and thank the host too...
Just love this podcast! I've listend to all of the past episodes over the last couple of days. I'm in my late thirties and just returned to college to get an engineering degree but math was not my best subject. So I have alot of ground to cover in order to keep up with my young classmates. Although this doesn't help with classes it does make math more interesting than manipulating abstract formulae and equations. Also, Seligman's humor is top notch!! Keep up the good work!
awesome should change to a twice a week show!!!!
This is one of my favorite podcasts. It is well researched and very entertsining.
Amazing, to the point, and always... interesting. Entertaining regardless of your math knowledge level.
This is a great podcast! You don't need any prior knowledge of math to appreciate the short and interesting subjects in each of these podcasts, but even if you have some you'll find them just as fascinating as the next guy.