The Unnamed Path

Reviews For The Unnamed Path

Thank you so much Hyperion for the time and energy you take on this podcast. Finally a path that not oly recognizes the unique spiritual heritage that we as gay men have, but to put it in such a way that is easy to understand. Your topics are well thought out, funny, and inspirational. Bright Blessings.
Have missed listening to your podcasts. Happy your back in the saddle and that you have enjoyed the well deserved break! Greg
As I listen through the library of episodes I keep finding mythic elements that stuck with me from other sources. Here, they are all together in a joyous homo-centric place.
This is a great podcast to introduce you to shamanic process. I recommend it highly if you are searching for Gay Male spirituality. Well done and worthwhile.
While it is centered for the path of men who love men, his teachings, thoughts and even practices are relevant to all pagans regardless of their spiritual path. I love Hyperion's honesty and wit, his no-nonsense talk and attitude. Do no hesitate to check out: his philosophy and wisdom transcends much of what is out there and has been invaluable for me in understanding many things that have been left in the dusk.
Unamed Path has been very informative, even though I am a straight practitioner. His humor has also kept me listening, along with hyperion's knowlege of the craft. I thank you my good fellow. In Love and Light, Rev. Jeryze
Now that the initial yaer is over, Hyperion is bringing out other aspects to work on: Specific spell work and aspects more in depth. He has a very nice listening voice and he is clear and easy to follow along. He has his work well layed out and ready to present. Thanks for another look at spirituality and one that pertains to the needs, lives, and workings of gay men.
Hyperion has a unique way of bringing his ideas and concepts accross with simple down-to-earth language and approachable stories of his own personal experiences. this makes some of the harder to understand, or deal with, issues far easier to grasp and relate to one's own personal practises and life. he is doing the community of men who love men a great service, and helping us to find our place in a more spritual reality.


Hyperion's clear and concise explanations of shamanic exercises have shown me that magick doesn't have to exclude people who don't "fit in the circle." Thanks Eddy. I was raised with a lot of these same traditions. You have reminded me how much they feel like home.
I've been listening to Unnamed Path for a year now. It has changed the way I view my spirituality and it has changed the way I practice it. Thanks Hyperion. Keep up the great work.
Even as as straight woman, there is so much rich material that I have gleaned from this podcast. Not to be dismissed as something for a small slice of the population. Good for opening doors. God knows we all need that.
Hyperion is a no-BS, straight-talking lecturer who has a great style for delivering his message. His podcast are well thought out and organized and done with real sincerity, wit and professionalism. There isn't any extra fluff you need to speed through to get to the meat of the casts. It is apparent that his daily spirituality has been integrated with his personality so you get a man who's walking the walk and just not talking it up. Hyperion seems to be locked into our collective psyche and brings insight that comes only after you've done the hard work and gone through the processes. If you're looking for a path, start here. If you are looking for guidance, start here.
I've been following the Unnamed Path for almost a year now. I've listened to every episode. I like them all for one reason or another. One of my favorite things about this podcast is that Hyperion encourages his listeners to not just accept what he's telling them, but to go out and try it to see if it works for them. Everybody is different, and different approaches work for different people. I'm definitely glad and thankful I discovered this path. It has made huge difference in my life and allowed me to connect to my spirituality in a way I never have before.
As a MWLM I love the Unnamed Path. Hyperion does a superb job of introducing concepts and relating ideas that are very original, engaging and focused on helping MWLM building a spiritual practice that can be uniquely ours. I loves it.
Thank you Rev. Hyperion. My spiritual path also started in the Catholic church and I too found the dogma was missing the deeper spiritual meaning that I desired. Your topics are well researched and very professionally delivered. Thank you for your spirit and energy. Bran Margh (Chicago) Member of the Brotherhood of the Phoenix
Hyperion: Thanks for the pod cast and all the topics it covers and is covering. Who says old dogs cant learn. Thanks again.
A positive and reaffirming spiritual path for men who love men. Hyperion has put together a wonderful series of easy to listen to podcasts that continue to expand knowledge so as to share the experience of “The unnamed path.” Great work!! Namaste
I hope I'm not the only lesbian who listens to and gets good info and inspiration from this podcast! Hyperion is doing a revolutionary job here, and the time is right for his message. Right on! Rock on!


This series is great! Thank you so much for posting, and bringing so much Light into our world! Love n Gratitude,
This is GREAT information presented in a very easily understood format! I have searched far and wide for this exact Path and I am a better man for having found it! Fantastic job Hyperion!
In a world were many gay men search for spiritual meaning finally someone has come along and left a trail of bread crumbs. Hyperion is thought provoking and inspiring. I recommend this to anyone..but esp. "men-who-love-men" who search for a link to the divine and there place in the world.
An excellent podcast. The breadth of topics and the depth and quality of discussion in this podcast are something LONG overdue for earth-based traditions. The spiritual tradition the host is introducing for gay men everywhere is something personal, powerful, life-changing and goes a long way to help gay men find their place of honor in our community once again.