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I find it inane. I was never able to finish an episode. Unsubscribed.
As a high school English teacher I cringe at poor speech of some guests. “Like, I mean, ugh, yeah, you know, ta ta, and and, tha makes me disappointed. Students put a token in jar with incorrect speech patterns. They write down words burbled. Once a week we practice correctly speaking. No names, no shaming. I want them to sound educated. Thanks, Dr. GC What has happened to Bob? He has been away for months. Is he well? Thanks. What’s going on with Bob Schrieffer? He is out of podcast? Miss him, is he OK? Thanks, Carol
Ben listening since first episode. Looked forward to the podcast. Unfortunately the final straw is the WH Correspondence episode. Lost me with the interview with New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman. One sided to the left leaning, newspaper with a history of critical misses. Some episodes better than others, overall I find the title misleading. Would appreciate serious discussions, from all sides, without and agenda. Also, please bring back Bob Schieffer. He’s sadly missed.
One of a select few podcasts which I turn to for informed discussion of current affairs
The interview with Seth Jones was highly biased. Yes, Trump speaks in hyperbole, so it’s entirely possible Baghdadi’s whimpering was exaggerated. It’s beside the point. I’m also intrigued by so many experts worried about abandoning the Kurds. How about the untenable position they put us in? What exactly are the experts suggesting as a long term solution? Lots of complaining about no strategy, then not offering strategies. We should absolutely be true to allies and partners, but they owe us the same.
The first episode of this new podcast series does a great job outlining the national security threats facing our country today, in a way that everyone can understand. The topics are relevant and complicated, but the experts explain these concepts in effective ways. Very bipartisan approach to national security/foriegn affairs and I am excited to see future episodes!
I listen to a lot of podcasts and one thing that makes me want to switch when this one comes on is it's soooo quiet! I'm interested in the mission of CSIS and the guests and host, while a bit dry, provide thoughtful, educated reflections on major world events, but I can barely hear you!! This is a production issue, should be relatively easy to fix. Thanks for the info and I hope you use this to improve the show.
After listening to a handful of these podcasts I've come to the conclusions that this is nothing more than pro war propaganda.
Provides in-depth coverage of foreign policy-related issues. Goes far beyond the headlines.
I really like the brevity amidst depth of info. However I've noticed an inconsistency with the volume. I'll listen to it with the volume all the way up on my phone and still have trouble hearing it when I'm on the bus. Hope this can be fixed!
An important weekly podcast because it's bipartisan and a smart primary source on foreign affairs.
This is very informative and not a "fluff" podcast.
It's got echoes of the old-school BBC along with NPR's wry air. Every episode I listen to usually makes me step back and see these issues a little clearer. Quality stuff.
The only thing deeper than the insights provided by this podcast is Colm Quinn's sultry voice which always leaves me wanting more.
CSIS seems to have recently updated the format of this podcast to be longer form interviews, event highlights, and commentary. I think this format works better than the previous one that was shorter pieces posted less regularly.
I look forward to listening to this think tank speak on international issues. Wish they created more podcasts on a timely manner.
Thanks for providing a series of insightful programs on a broad variety of international affairs topics. These programs have a refreshing ideological balance and and address issues that receive at best cursory attention from the media.


By Retirw
I haven't been subscribing very long, but it seems very good. I understand more about the situation in Iraq than if I had watched television.
Thanks to CSIS for taking the time to make these in depth pieces available to the public; many thanks also for encouraging the 2008 candidates to speak on international affairs--an area presidents MUST have clarity and vision on.