Jardo's Progressive Sessions

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This is good. Really good.
been a podcast fanatic for years and this is one is in my top 3 of all. the sets are put together great with rare and exclusive remixes thrown in. i wish there was more!!!
the BEST mix of anykind I have ever downloaded. These provide me with the most intense workouts, they are wonderful. can you make more? :)
hello people, im trying to find out what the song that is about 55 minutes in is called?? i really really like it, but as fate would have it this is the only podcast without a tracklisting:) terrific mix btw:)
If you are looking for a perfect blend of Progressive, electro, tech, and even trance. This is it!!! Jardo keeps it fresh with innovative mash-ups and acapella loops. If any of you dj you'll appreciate this amazing talent
I downloaded the "retro" podcast on a whim, mainly to see how the whole podcast thing even worked. Much to my delight, I came away with almost two full hours of severe awesomeness. In fact, I'm stoked he has more than just one mix, since I'm just about to download all the others! Definitely worth your time and storage space.
1 word "Buttery". This set is by far one of the best sets I've heard in my life. Bring this to Chicago!
This is a much better podcast than most. Especially check out Guide to Summer 07. Great mix!
Incredible, this guy is simply AMAZING. I have discovered my favorite songs and dj's from Jardo. If you like electro you HAVE to listen to these podcasts they are the BEST.


These are some of the best podcasts I've heard, period! I listen to them in the gym & they just keep me going all the way to the end. Best thing is they're not the usual 30 min clips, most are between 1.5 to 2 hrs long. Awesome stuff, highly recommended!!!
these mixes are amazing! it is like armin meets tiesto meets rank 1 meets gabriel and dresden all in one! great electro, trance and house songs and it is definitely a MUST HAVE if you like this kind of music. THIS PODCAST RANKS HIGHER THAN ASOT AND TIESTO'S FOR ME. *****
We need more mixes out there like this playing through our radio stations :) Keep up the great work!
without this the world would not be.


By Jaysto
One of the best mixes yet. I'm so impressed and highly recommend.