Inside Yellowstone

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This video is great especially for me because my class and I are planning a class trip to go there for 4 nights. It's going to be awesome!
Having never been to Yellowstone this podcast is a great chance to see some of the best features of the park. Hopefully one day I will get to see them myself.
This Podcast is Great. Since yellowstone is somewhere lots of people want to go. This is Great.


These are great little "live tours" of all over the park! ! ! I wish most all parks did these.
Great information for anyone interested in Yellowstone National Park
1. It’s a great source for safety tips. 2. It’s a way to learn about park features you’d probably miss. 3. To learn about Yellowstone’s flora & fauna. 4. To learn about Yellowstone’s history. 5. Even if you plan on never visiting the park, these programs will help to instill a sense awe and wonder in the natural world.
My only complaint against this podcast (and the reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5) is that updates are very infrequent. In fact, I'd almost hesitate to call it a podcast. But the episodes are excellent glimpses into Yellowstone, one of my favorite places. Highly recommended. Watch all the back episodes, subscribe, and enjoy a nice little surprise when new ones show up.
Very informative - reinforces to me that Yellowstone is on my top 10 of places to see. Excellent A/V quality and very well scripted. Beth's enthusiasm and passion for the topics add to the quality. She knows her stuff and loves her job!
Although a bit short, these videos are a great way to get a taste of Yellowstone Park. My bags would be packed if I lived closer.
These are rather short but have a lot of good information in them. Well presented by Beth and enjoyable. Finally a good way to spend some of our tax dollars!