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It’s good
It was a bit...ok😑
This podcast is derp .~.
Good!! I hope for more to come!!
After listening to this a few times through, I could get a good grasp on what Patrick was saying; although it was hard to understand. Since this is Patrick's first podcast (If I'm not mistaken), it's expected that it's not going to be absolutely perfect. There's plenty of good content in here; great reviews and discussion. If there were anyway to give Patrick some advice, I'd say to practic annunciating his words when he speaks- it feels weird and silly, but through a radio talk-show it works perfectly. As for the review- as I said, great content; a little hard to understand, but still very worth it. :) The music at the beginning is a little cheesy...I'd reccomend for any future podcasters to go the extra mile to get a copyright waiver or something to get in some good music. Cherrio!
its good but its not that good it is hard to understand what the heck he is saying
I cant understand him!