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Reviews For CedarCreek Video Podcast

I'm so happy that these are on itunes! I go every sunday but now I can also put them on my ipod and listen to them when I'm going through a hard time! I love these! (:
We love Cedar Creek. Thank you for putting up podcasts for us to view/listen to. My only suggestion is to post a release date for better searching and finding of the most recent message, or a date in every title.
I just moved here from Eugene, Oregon, and have been checkign out the church. I love the messages, and am putting them on my ipod.
This makes me happy. I can now view a sermon that I will actually pay attention to. I miss being able to attend at the church, but this will do. My only complaint is that the music is not included. Stupid complaint, I know, but it's true. Cedar Creek has some wonderfully gifted musicians.
10 years ago I was living an angry, frustrated, self seeking life. The teachings of Lee Powell and the other Pastors at CedarCreek led me to a new take on life. It is awesome to see these same teachings available to people all over the world... and in video form at that! Good stuff guys.