Reviews For Just For Women: Dating, Relationships and Sex with Alissa Kriteman

I stumbled across this podcast looking for something new to listen to at work. I found this one and have listened to every episode! This podcast is amazing and leaves me feeling more and more empowered after every episode. I'm really looking forward to new episodes in the coming year! Alissa Kristeman is an amazing hostess that asks thought-provoking questions and keeps the listeners entertained. I would give it six stars if I were able! **EDIT** I really really really wish Alissa would start back up with this podcast, I listened to every episode and looked forward to it. Please start back up!!
This is the best podcast series I've ever listened to. Since there hasn't been a new one since May I just listen to then again and again. I really really pray there will be more!
She gives good advice- if you listen long enough. I hate to be a negative nelly but this gal does a lot of slow talking and has a difficult time getting to the point.
Great when looking for some real down-to-earth and rational advice.
I have been listening to this podcast for over a year now, and it really has changed my life. I reccomend it to everyone, as it is intelligent, informative, uplifting, deep, funny and just plain old amazing. Alissa Kriteman is the cutest thing ever, and such a fantastic interviewer. She also always has great guests on... I just can't get enough!!! I tell both women and men to listen to it, even though it says Just For Women.. I think both sexes can greatly benefit from this wisdom! :)


I love the podcast. You have some great interviews.
Alissa - great content - keep up the great work.
I haven't listened to the entire show, but the 4 episodes that I've heard thus far have been very informative on how to relate to men in the modern world. Very powerful.
I started listening with some trepidation as I am not the biggest "self-help" person and cringe at "goddess" talk. But I have enjoyed the variety of guests Kriteman has had on the podcast and find it informative. As a woman, its always great to hear the "other side" of whats going on out there in the great pillowfight of the sexes. And the TRUE other side! Not that weird edited version they try to spoonfed you in Cosmo (blech). At times I find Kriteman's interviewing skills need a little brushing up; there's sometimes a few too many "That's Amaaazing!"'s and WOOWWW's when another insightful follow up question would be perfect. But nonetheless, she has a positive energy that can be infectious! (In a good way!)
I love this show, Alissa is hot and smart and the interview with Alison Armstrong changed my whole outlook on male female relationships. Stop reading this and hit subscribe YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT, TRUST ME!
This is one of my must-listen podcasts. It inspires me in every aspect of my life and it's incredibly insightful. Alisa is fabulous and her guests are always amazing. I look forward to this podcast every week.
if there was only one show to listen to, one podcast to subscribe to, only one hour a day to dedicate to growth this is the show!
I don't listen to many podcasts but Alissa's program is information filled for today's modern woman. Give it a listen. You'll be hooked!
Alissa is a true reprentative of a Divine Sacred Feminine and her show and newsletter is incredibly inspiring. Thank you for paving the road and giving fellow Goddesses the courage to let their light shine! We love you Alissa!!! :)
I look forward to this show so much! Thank you Alissa! But I do have to say, the men you interviewed threw me off a bit. I'd like to hear more men talk, but different ones. On the whole, I find this show very helpful and insiteful.
Finally a show that addresses women's interests and issues. Allissa is fabulous!
I love the way Alissa probes deeply into women's issues. She has a way of making me feel like we are super-good friends sitting down to tea and sharing intimately.
She's hot. She's Juicy. She's fun. And, she makes it cool to be turned on! Alissa, the host, is teaching me how to make the most out of my relationships with men! She is witty, charming and great with her guests. She's into a Juicy Life for every woman and I love it!