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These charming hosts give you in depth and thoughtful coverage of the latest in cyber news. If you only choose one cyber security podcast, this is the one to pick!!
They are just like the American media- one sided and bias. The fact of the matter is, they only care to “research” and “contact” people who support their ideas rather than research both side to get the the truth. They have a lot of courage talking about things that they truly don’t understand, but they just repeat what they hear from the media. Worry about your own country before bashing another.
I listened to every episode of this show for at least 5 years. I used to love it. Great info and good humor. However, over the last year and especially the last few months, the blatant anti-Trump focus lacks journalistic integrity. The final straw for me is Ig prong the Hunter Biden laptop story which has obvious important implications on censorship, potential bribery & money laundering by a Presidential candidate. I find myself forced to go to a neutral info sec platform. Thank you for years of good content. You need to back off your politically motivated & bias tone.
Whether you’re well established as a cyber security innovator, or just getting started carving out your role as a change agent within your organization - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Patrick and Adam do an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of navigating an ever changing data security and compliance environment. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
I started listening, because it was a good way to hear the latest rumors. I'm no longer finding it that useful. I'm looking for hard facts and well reasoned opinions about the state of tech at the moment.
Patrick is a unique blend of skilled journalist and journeyman hacker, giving him a background that makes Risky Biz the best hard news podcast in InfoSec. He also gets great guests, and his model of turning sponsor interviews into something that is actually informative is unique in the space.
I’ve shared this podcast in my company slack as well as directly to lots of friends due to the variety of complex topics they cover. Somehow they even produce good content from InfoSec vendors pitches. This is my favorite weekly InfoSec news podcast and a good twitter follow.
Hands down the most current, succinct, and funny current events podcast for all things cybers.
I was interesting in hearing about smashing the stack, not bashing America.
If you like to listen to generalities and poor speculation, this may be the podcast to you. If you are looking for good security insights, pass on this one.
When will hosts of unrelated podcasts learn that mixing them with politics is not a good way to go? The reason many of us listen to your podcasts is so that we can get away from politics. Why is it not clear? I had to shut his podcast off a few episodes back when he literally dedicated half of an episode to that horrific shooting in NZ. I get it that you guys were emotionally involved by the sobbing of your president lady, but why do you need to mix your emotions and political views with an unrelated security podcast? So since then I have this aftertaste every time I try to listen to it again. Additionally, this podcast (even politics aside) is only like 20 minutes long of actual information. The latest security news is very good. But then it is usually a paid promotion or a product placement. Although, I should applaud him for clearly labeling it as such (unlike what "Security Now" or Troy Hunt are doing.)
You guys are a disgrace and blatant traitors to the security world. What kind of psycho wants police to have access to everything of everyone? Sick.
Not just the best security podcast, the most security podcast
These guys have some good content. But bear in mind that they are second only to The CyberWire in their incessant shilling for CIA and GCHQ talking points. They will ALWAYS defend law enforcement in their hunger for mandatory key escrow. They will never fail to attribute literally every single breach to Fancy Bear, IOCs be damned. They will give NSA, CIA, and GCHQ a pass no matter what they do. They make fun of cypherpunks constantly, and never pass up an opportunity to fellate any government agent or vendor of lawful intercep- er, I mean, “network security device” that they interview. They want you to live in a government panopticon with strictly controlled speech that wages endless war, and unfortunately their opinions strongly color what would otherwise be a great security podcast.
I became turned off by the host talking too much and not letting his guests speak.
Great podcast! I look forward to listening to it every week.
I've been listening for 3+ years. Great stuff. Thanks Pat, Adam, and folks.
Excellent News source for infosec - one of my top 3
I read the "manifesto" and it would seem you are not familiar with current scientific studies and facts. That's literally what he was talking about in it.
Patrick takes a tech savvy reporters scrutiny to the weeks infosec news. Along with kiwi-in-crime, Adam Boileau, it makes for a lively conversation in a laid back non-jargony fashion.
This podcast did not age well, came looking for insightful security commentary this sounded like a knock off Rachel Maddow
This is the best information security podcast. It is essential listening. It has it all! It's educational, it's hilarious, and it even occasionally has the grugq!
Incredibly informative with lots of expert guests. I love the news segment that starts every show because it provides great context and clarity.
Been listening religiously for 3 years. I miss the music at the end of the interview but the new format of the show is balanced.
Among my favorite professional development podcasts
If you’re in the technology field, this is a must listen podcast. Like it or not, security is a part of every technologist’s world, and if you’re not thinking about it, you should be. The format is great and Patrick does a nice job of both informing the listeners (weekly news headlines) and introducing them to new technologies and ideas with both the featured and sponsored interviews. The shows regular guests are always informative and entertaining, and I also enjoy the guests on the featured interviews. One of the things I like most about the sponsored interviews is that they are generally done by a technology person at the company instead of a marketing/sales person, which makes them considerably more informative to technology pros/enthusiasts like myself. Also worth mentioning: the podcast seems to be equalized/engineered well, so I don’t have to constantly fiddle with the volume!
I really like Patrick Gray's explanation of the latest cyber cybersecurity news and I also like the interviews. If you care about infosec, risky.biz is a must-listen podcast.
I am a college student majoring in a tech field, and this podcast along with Defensive Security has inspired me to go into the security field of technology. Patrick Grey and Adam Boileau and all of the guest speakers on this podcast are amazing and very informative!
From the host's humorous and interesting commentary of weekly security news to great interviews with information security experts, this podcast never fails to keep me interested. One of the best (if not THE best) Infosec podcasts out there.
Insightful. Current. Engaging. Witty.
This is one of the first infosec podcasts I started listening to and it was the greatest random decision I’ve ever made (excluding the purchase of crochet’ed boxers… hell yes). Pat and Adam kick things off by brining the listener into their inner circle of perspective and humor before handing it off to a series of incredibly informative interviews about a swath of exceedingly interesting concepts. Nary a Risky Business episode lasts more than a few hours before it’s gobbled up by my insatiable ears.
I thought I'd have enough security content between Security Now and PaulDotCom, but this is such a well done podcast that I've been chewing through all the old episodes. Give it a listen, it's good.
I always look forward to listening to new episodes of this podcast, its informative and entertaining. Its great to hear about security and technology news from the other side of the world.
Patrick and Adam make a classic show with an entertaining discussion on sec. I love listening to these guys even i Im not totally savvy on it all and listeners are turned on to some great bands during the podcast !
Full of good information and lulz - my favorite podcast to listen to on the way to work. It is salted with some Aussie vulgarity so probably not for the easily offended. Makes Security Now seem boring and out-dated in comparison.
Informative and hilarious.
This is just a great podcast. Funny informative and a great source for EPIC CYBERWAR APT INFORMATION SECURITY NEWS!!!! ;-P -ciphersson
This is easily one of the best security podcasts.
In iTunes, if you enter "network security" as a search string, you'll see more than 70 podcasts on the topic. This is easily one of the top 5. Patrick Gray makes network security understandable but moves at a brisker pace than almost any security podcast, making this a perfect resource for busy sysadmins. Some more popular security podcasts are far less accurate technically, while some other show hosts are so busy impressing you with their coolness or touting their events and advertisers that you barely get any security info. Gray server it up straight, uncluttered, and unbiased. The Australian perspective explains why you haven't heard of this show. Give it a try! --Scott Pinzon, CISSP, host of Radio Free Security