Reviews For Living Dialogues: Thought-Leaders in Transforming Ourselves and Our Global Community with Duncan Campbell, Visionary Conversa

These podcasts have been an integral part of my personal development. Huge thanks and blessings to all who contribute.
This show is NOT an interview show, it is a Dialogue and I love the concept! Brilliant conversations, mainly due to Duncan. He is the most knowledgable host I've ever heard and he is a great speaker and teacher. I don't know why there haven't been new podcasts in a while, but I'm eagerly awaiting more! Duncan is the best!
Duncan is so infatuated with Obama, I can't listen anymore. Subscriber for 2 years, I am now pushing the Unsubscribe button.
I can't express my enthusiasm for this show and for Duncan Campbell's dialogue style. It is much more than an interview, he dialogues with these great thinkers in a way that only *another great thinker* can do. He may well be the most intelligent and thoughtful person interviewing people today. Don't know why he isn't on radio and tv.
Duncan has great guests but they can hardly get a word in. If Duncan would let the guests speak; give their own stories, answer the questions without his help, give their own advise and summaries then this would be a 5 star series.
Every dialogue that I have listened to has been interesting, engaging and enlightening. Duncan manages to be very interesting and insightful in his own right without ever overshawdowing is guests. That, my friends, is a true talent. I have not listened to a single conversation that was not informative and interesting. I haven't heard of many of the people featured, so I never know what to expect; I have no preconceived notions; I have not been disappointed with a single interview. I highly rec. this podcast!
I'd keep this podcast on my list, but the host is so incredibly in love with is own voice, he takes as much time talking as the guest answering questions. Interesting guests and discussions, though, if you can get past irritation with the host. I can't.
This is an outstanding podcast. Duncan Campbell does not really interview people but he engages them in a fascinating conversation. His guests are timely and knowledgeable. This is a very stimulating series and I cannot recommend it enough.
Interesting and intelligent conversations. This show is great!
Having the pleasure of knowing Duncan personally and having listened to a great number of these dialogues I can confidently state that all of his work trancends the old interview paradigm and enters a place that embraces the listener and fosters a transformation to those open to it. His content always serves to enlighten those engaged in it to new crucial modalities of thinking, which if revealed to enough people, will serve to enlighten the majority. It is our obligation as revolutionary thinking human beings to expose our loved ones, friends, casual acquaintances and enemies to his work so that we can elevate the conversation globally.
Duncan interviews the most amazing people! I can't wait every week to listen. The depth to which he goes with people amazes me. And, the subject matters are profound. I love his comments and how he holds his own against the great minds with whom he talks. Yes, profound.....and every week, I have been touched by having heard this show.
Duncan engages his guests in the most masterful way that rings even more juice out of the famous names in consciousness who grace his show. High-level interaction that accelerates learning while making it entertaining.