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A great Doctor Who podcast... very informative and entertaining! HIGHLY recommended!


I dont think I would have been as interested in doctor who if I hadn't listend to this!
To the point without wittering off topic or killing time reading endless email from listeners. It does what it says on the tin, dog, that is. A must listen and must follow.
Just discovered this podcast recently and I'm throughly enjoying it. Thanks for giving me something Doctor Who related until the new season starts!
Short and sweet! Lots of great information, theories and perspective on both old and new series, without a bunch of filler or posturing. We love to listen to Michael ramble on. He has sparked more conversations and good Doctor Who arguments than anything else! Definitely give this one a try!
Delightful podcast on all aspects of Doctor Who, nicely condensed into ten minutes or so per episode. Listen out for some lovely touches of humour.
I keep thinking - why do I enjoy the Tin Dog Podcast so much? It feels like, every episode, he's speaking to me personally...and you...and you...and you over there!...Hey, you in the back, you know you listen to it too! Witty, thoughtful & exceptional - why say anything else? Keep up the good work! I would ignore the negative review(s) & enjoy some passion & wit! I've listened to Michael from the beginning and look forward ot each and every episode! Always support the Tin Dog as his perspective is unique among the podcasting community! Listening to his recent SOLO CON was an all-time favorite. Keep the blue light flashing Michael! Love it!
All I got to say is it's just lovely. But add some background music when your talking or not. All and all, love it now! :)
This is great. It let's me satisfy the who craving between series without listening to an hour long pod cast. Give it a listen. Be seeing you.
I swore off all podcasts that covered shows, movies, music or really anything I love a year or two ago. Then I had this new gadget thrust upon me and I decided to try some podcasts again. I almost gave up because the first two I tried drove me crazy… but then came the Tin-Dog! Listening to him is like talking to myself. A serious fan that can poke fun at something he loves without becoming too irritatingly “pedantic” or “squee” (to use phrases from other podcasts). Right now is the summer stretch with no new Who… so go back to the start and work your way through all these podcasts for a really lovely time!
I really enjoy listening to this podcast & the take on Doctor Who & Torchwood. Thanks for all the great work you put into the podcast and giving us more Doctor Who/Torchwood related stuff to listen to.
Very few podcasts are deserving of 5 stars. This is one of them: - very informative - complete - organized (to the extent it needs to be) - pleasant sounding podcaster - and personally, I like the short podcasts because my attention span is short :-)
Doctor Who: Tin Dog Podcast is a informative and entertaining podcast, that combines the classic era with the new. As a fan introduced to The Eighth Doctor, by the tv movie, your views on the classic era have helped me to understand modern Doctor Who, even better. I've also gained insight from your reviews of spin-off media, like Big Finish. Good Luck in your future endeavors, and come back soon.
Tin Dog is THE best Dr Who podcast currently on the iTunes airwaves. Both funny and informative Tin Dog gives honest reviews of classic and new Who including Big Finish releases. Highly recommended to all fans of Who, new and old. What are you waiting for? Go subscribe, you know you want to.
There once was a dog who podcast Reviews about Who-such a blast! With insight and hilarity (I cried about Verity) I listened to all first to last.
My hubby is such a star trek fan. I decided I needed to get into a sci-fi show. I chose Doctor Who because... A; The shows are so well written (Jamal and I are both writers.) b: the actors are so well chosen c: I Love it. Now seeing that i was born 2-10-1984 in Detroit, Michigan USA the Doctor is new to me. All I knew is that star trek was so not my cup of tea.. But even though David Tennent is my doctor I have been listening to different pod cast to learn as much as i can. i love my Husband Jamal, but like i told him yesterday... anyone can join Star fleet... but Time Lords are born. I’m not saying star trek is crap, but I am saying that Doctor who is the longest running sci-fi show for a reason. Ps: I have got him into it too. Vickie T. Teachey-Thomas bridging gaps one striped scarf at a time.
This podcast is simply wonderful. The gentleman's voice is so soothing that I love to listen to it as I walk through Prospect Park (NYC) with my dog. I'm making my way through the entire thing. I'm going through his overviews of the different Doctors right now which, of course, has TONS of information on Doctor Who. It is incredibly informative. It's also quite amusing. He's very opinionated and (whether you agree with him or not), it's a hoot to listen to. I often do agree with him, by the way. I think the podcast is marvelous and, if you're a Doctor Who fan, you should definitely download one and take a listen. You'll end up subscribing!!
I think what I love most about this podcast is that it's kept to a 15-30 minute limit most times. And you get a lot in those 15-30 minutes. Keep up the good work!


one day i decided to creat a list of the best doctor who podcast on itunes. i did have a little trouble figuring out which one was the best. it was between this and podshock. i decided that i couldnt decide. this is absoluteley is one of the best doctor who podcasts out there.
I heard the latest and it was so good I ended up listening to all of the back episodes. All I have to say is that this show is brilliant. I hope there are more episodes focusing on story arcs, but that just a small nit pick. When I want to help people get into the world of Doctor Who, this show is one of the first shows I'll point them to. Keep em coming.
I really enjoy this podcast! The self deprecating humor is first rate. His delivery is very calming, like listening to a storyteller around a campfire. I have returned to the Doctor after a long hiatus and this podcast has made it seem like I never left. It would be cool if you would do a shout-out to David in Chicago IL in an upcoming show.
Intelligent and entertaining, Tin Dog is the podcast I most eagerly await. TD graciously spares his listeners the nonsense and repetition that needlessly lengthen so many of the other Doctor Who podcasts.
The host of this podcast provides a unique style in the world of podcasting. He converses with the audience as if we were old friends. I love the perspective, personality and format of this podcast.
The dog is at the top of his game. I really enjoyed your reviews of Season 4 of Doctor Who. Keep up the great work.
I love this podcast. The host has a great voice for podcasting. Nice and calm, very engaging to the audience. I enjoy listening to his take on Doctor Who of old and new and his passion for the show in its entirety is catchy.
A quick, clear and concise podcast about the Doctor Who Universe. Entertaining and informative. I highly recommend this show.
This Podcast is very good. Tin Dog is to the point and funny. A good short podcast with all of info you need in the world of Doctor Who. Keep up the good work.
i do love the doctor and i love this podcast just as much. i am glad torchwood is over so we can get down to the good stuff. thank you again for putting your time and heart in to this to entertain us all.
A nice short review of things related to the Who multiverse. Just right for those with attention deficit disorder or just plain short attention spans.
Has improved over the past year or so. No more weird voices or odd loud sound effects, but just reviews of the DW and Torchwood which is just what is wanted. Sometimes I don't care for the host's opinions, but I admire his vast knowledge of Who. Thanks for also including Torchwood and classic Who into the review. As a newer viewer of Doctor Who from America, I appreciate hearing more about what I need to know about as a fan.
It's hard to describe the appeal of the Tin Dog. He seems like just a regular guy talking for 10 minutes or so about a TV show, but he really does his research and knows his stuff. It's a more relaxed and conversational approach than most of the Doctor Who related podcasts. Very recommended.
I have listened to several podcasts that relate to Doctor Who (the greatest show in the world!), and this one is truly one of the exceptional Who podcasts!! I love the sense of humor the host has, along with his witty comments. What I love most is that the host doesn't consume the podcast with negative comments/feedback or extremely overanalytical details about Doctor Who. Yes, he may mention slight discrepancies here and there, but he doesn't dwell on them. He allows you to enjoy the show without a sense of loss (unlike some Who podcasts), and he throws in a great opinon or interpretation of whatever Who related topic is being discussed. Although I wish his podcasts were somewhat longer (20 minutes perhaps), I am very happy and content with the information provided and the style in which its all presented. Good job, and please keep up the outstanding work!!
This is a wonderful podcast from someone who knows what he's talking about. Love it.
I subscribe to a couple DW podcasts, but this is always the first one I listen to! Entertaining, informative, and funny with a distinctive voice. Give it a listen!!
This podcast is very enjoyable and enlightening. He has a great knowledge of science fiction and especially the Doctor Who worlds. This allows for “historical” references crossing over all Doctors and his friends. Even when he digresses he conveys more information in this short podcast than some do in an hour.


By Lanaia
Is the host of this show rambling? Well yes at times but that's what makes this show fab and a pleasure to listen to. This podcast is short but sweet even with the rambling. Somehow it gets to the heart of the matter in ten minutes while being relevant and funny. Keep up the Torchwood podcasts as well as new series Who. The reason I listen to the podcasts is to get a varied opinion and view from my own. I think its important to have dissenting criticism of the new series, Torchwood, classic series etc. You are doing a great job. You've earned your place in the podcast Whoniverse.
Tin Dog is a true ultra fan of Doctor Who. Sometimes that can be a disadvantage. The good points is that he is short and very informative. The bad- sometimes he gets too picky about details and you have to bear in mind that he is UK based. So he will frequently make comments about actors who appear in UK shows that a US listener may not be familiar with. That said, he's very passionate about his subject and makes a good addition to the Whoniverse.
this is a great pod cast can't getenough where i live in the us and i have to wait for doctor who and torchwood shawn in the usa
A Podcast done by a True Fan who speaks from his heart and does not care what others think of his opinion. Keep up the excellent work!
This podcast is really nice to listen too. You can follow along very easily and I enjoy the way he phrases things. He goes off track and on tangents which is not a bad thing and there is a lot of information contained and it is not so long that you lose intrest and get bored.
Discovered this podcast about 6 months ago and was thrilled by it. I'm an avid Who fan from the mid-80s where I managed to catch the 4th and 5th Doctors (thanks to Public Broadcasting). Love the new series and can not wait until we get the new shows in 2008.
The Tin Dog has extensive knowledge of all things related to Doctor Who from the very beginning of the series to the newest BBC episodes. If you are new to the character, or if you just need a brushup, you really must listen to his summary podcasts for each of the Doctors. I love hearing the Tin Dog's honest assessments of all things Doctor - he really brings a unique perspective. I think the length of these podcasts makes it easy to keep up with each one, and I LOVE the Tin Dog's voice. Keep up the excellent work, Tin Dog.
This is actually the only Doctor Who podcast that I listen too, so I can't compare it to any others. I have found that its really funny, he goes on these crazy tangent about things then tells himself off and gets back on subject. Although it is short the Tin Dog is filled with the useful information that a Doctor who fan wants. I got into Doctor Who through the new series and his reviews of the classic series have introduced me to classic Doctor Who stories. Over all I love it and despite the short running time it is a great podcast.
I am subscribed to a number of Doctor Who broadcast and they are all good in their own respect. However this podcast keeps me coming back wanting more. It's wonderful to hear someone who is absolutely, completely crazy over Doctor Who as much as I am. Someone that has as much passion for the classic series as well as the new series and the expanded Who universe. It's nice to know I am not alone in my addiction. I do and will recommend this podcast to any Doctor Who fan. It is Fantastic.
It's distinctive and entertaining, this podcast from an ardent admirer of Bonnie Langford =) (listen to it, you'll see...) The Tin Dog produces an entertaining and witty podcast every week, delving into the good, the bad, the Mel, and everything else Who-related. If you were a fan the first time round, you'll share the happy and the agonised memories of that bygone era, and nitpick over his assessments of the history of the show with your mates. If you're a new fan brought to the series by Russell T. Davies' regeneration of the show, well, you'll love it too. This podcast gives me something to look forward to during my working week.
I have been listening to Tin-dog podcasts from the beginning. It was the K-9 logo that originally caught my attention. Although I haven't agreed with him 100%, I have enjoyed the shows immensely and eagerly await the next podcast. Keep up the good work! All Doctor Who fans should check out this podcast!

By Voton
A pithy, entertaining and articulate podcast for old and new Doctor Who fans.
Tin Dog always produces an interesting podcast. He selection of topics is excellent but most of all I praise his productivity. I don't know how he finds time to consistently make such a good podcast (I certainly couldn't find time to do it) but his hard work and engaging style is much appreciated and I look forward to each new podcast. Thanks Tin Dog!
I am a classic Who Fan and love the new series. Tin Dog provides a wonderful weekly supplement to my Who World. I highly recommend it.