I think I’ve reviewed these guys in the past, but I’m specifically leaving a review on the Proto-Metal series ending with the 5 part episode 200! I’ve been introduced to so many unknown and under appreciated bands/artists and validation on all the great music I’ve been listening to all these years. Can’t recommend this podcast highly enough!!
Great deep dive into some of the best metal around. Keep it up!
I first found this podcast several years ago when doing an Apple search for some of my favorite bands and at the time, this was the only podcast that kept coming up. These guys are VERY knowledgeable and well studied when it comes to all forms of heavy metal and other forms of heavy music. I’ve been into metal since I was a kid, I’m 40 now and I’m able to hear new things from these guys while enjoying many mutual favorites. If you are looking to learn about some of metal’s history and best music while being exposed to the true classics, I highly recommend this podcast.
Metalhead since I first heard Kiss Destroyer on vinyl in the 1970’s. This podcast takes you through the Metal you grew up on and continue to explore. They cover the genre well.. and here’s the big takeaway.. they surprise you. Metalheads are a devoted bunch. We know these bands. We know who did the artwork on their album covers. We know the labels and years they released albums.. etc..But somehow this podcast will make you rethink certain aspects of the albums you love, and maybe even introduce you to new ones. One of the best I’ve heard. Keep at it guys!
If you’re looking for the beat metal podcast, it’s this one. No question.
There is no “barrier of entry” for producing a metal-centric podcast. The result is clearly showcased here.
A longtime listener finally publicly sharing my love for this awesome podcast...Like me these guys are middle aged but bring a depth of knowledge and passion for metal that is rare and inspiring. I learn many new things on each and every episode. My highest recommendation to thinking metal fans everywhere! -Ben, Endless Metal Podcast
These guys rip it up. As someone who plays in two active heavy bands (shameless plug for Abacus & Garrow) that are on opposite sides of the metal spectrum its good to find a podcast that not only covers metal as a whole but where the hosts aren’t afraid to acknowledge that even certain bands aren’t their flavor. My only suggestion for the show is to highlight newer bands that they have been listening to instead of focusing on just metal history. Keep it up fellas!


Superb, knowledgeable, insightful, and fun! Spanning ages and genres, this is a treasure trove of heavy music.
Requiem podcast is essential listening for fans of all genres of metal that matter! Im so glad i stumbled upon this! It is just the right amount of info and music all in one. The hosts are obviously a couple of pretty smart fellas that seem to genuinely care about the music and have great attention to detail in numerous regards! My only request would be possibly an episode specifically dedicated to women in metal. I know that historically speaking, metal has always been lacking in female energy but there are numerous crust bands as well as bands from some other sub-genres that would fall under the metal title! The Kylesa podcast was a great one! Either way, thanks for the great podcast!
This is an excellent podcast that's highly recommended to all Hard Rock & Metal fanatic's. These guys know their bands & have a great grasp on this genre with a very scholarly approach. Absolutely loved their look back at the work of Celtic Frost, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Opeth, etc. Incredibly entertaining stuff.
This is by far my favorite podcast on iTunes. These guys know their Metal!
Love Mark and Jason's approach to metal podcasting. From their "Hall of Fame" episodes breaking down albums track by track to their exploration into the evolution of specific bands, these metal vets have your metal podcasting needs covered. Keep it up guys, and good to see you back! (Still waiting on a Deathspell Omega episode!)
I guess I'm a little late to game on this one, but it's been very entertaining to go back and listen to this entire series. Mark and Jason give a play-by-play of so many records that were important in shaping my tastes in the genre, and it's fun to revisit them with new insights on these bands and their context in the music world. Also, these guys are slightly older than me, but being a metal fan and musician since the mid-90s, it's really interesting to compare and contrast their experiences in those formative years with my own.
Love the show, you've reminded of stuff I haven't lesson to in years and introduced me to bands I've only herd of. Thanks. P.S. This show turned on to so much music I had before been exposed to, thank you Mark & Jason.
Every single episode of this podcast is a gift for those avid to know, understand and discover the roots, development and intricacies of heavy metal.


By Alaske2
I've been a casual metal fan since I started buying music long long ago. It's great to hear breakdowns of bands who I am only familiar with their name. Also great to hear episodes on bands I love like Stooges, MC5, Electric Wizard, High On Fire. Definitely worth a listen!!
I titled this as my favorite podcast, and I don't just mean metal podcast, I mean overall. I really enjoy this because they are so varied and so knowlegable. Both, Mark and Jason, have their identifiable interests and their respective fortes and they really compliment each other well. I especially like how they don't just stick to one subgenre or only discuss the super-accessible bands, but they delve deeper and end up exposing myself, and I imagine lots of others, to some really great underground metal. Also, the shows they do with guests are even more fun because a new perspective is brought to the mix and it so incredibly rewarding. I wil say, I have one complaint, these guys need to make the next step in their podcast-ian progress and do "live stream" (for lack of a better term). I think it would be fun to see them do a podcast live on something like Twitch, Facebook Live, or YouTube stream. Maybe that is just me, but either way, I was very happy when they made their comeback earlier this year. Keep it up guys!
I hope these guys are truly back because they are far and away the best in the Metal podcast business. Don't believe me? Just listen to the Deep Purple "In Rock vs. Machine Head" episode. It is superb. These gentlemen have many virtues. Open-minded, intelligent, technically proficient and knowledgable. But what I like best about them is their maturity and humanity. Even though I'm sure I have about 30 years on them they make it easy to relate to them and their lives. I hope they recognize and seize on their natural gifts.
I just found this podcast in the Fall of 2015 after getting into more extreme metal earlier in the year. I’m 33 and have been a metal fan for 20 years. During my life, I have never had a friend who loves metal as much as I do and these two discuss metal the way I’ve always wanted to with someone and they do it in an intelligent way. They have also introduced me to many acts that I either had not heard of at all or gave me a better insight to their music and give it a second chance. Thanks, Mark and Jason!
Holy shnitt! I almost gave up on these guys. I've been checking back every couple months or so for the past couple years just hoping for something new. I thought for sure that they were done for good. Such a great resource for discovering something new just getting a completely new perspective on something you thought you were familiar with. Looks like I've got some catching up to do. Welcome back guys!!
Whether you're a music fan, history buff, or just like good, pointed banter, this show is for you. The amount of preparation and research that go into these episodes is staggering, but somehow Mark and Jason manage to frame these lectures in underground history as organic conversation pieces. FIVE STARS! Thank the dark lord this show has finally returned.
So glad that you guys are doing this again! I was dreading to go to work, but when I saw you have a comeback episode, I immediately downloaded it, and it made the drive to work so much better!
I've been listening to this podcast religiously over the past month or so, and though I disagree on some points, I love the show.
LOVE listening to these dudes intelligently speak about my favorite bands!
this is by far, the best metal podcast I've ever found. they choose great bands to talk about. really dig their approach and conversation. I keep hoping new episodes will pop up, but I've lost hope. please do more!
This show features an in-depth look at the history of each band. It's like 60 Minutes for metal. You will appreciate music more after you hear this podcast. Great songs and lots of entertaining stories. Subscribe!
I found this podcast a few months ago while searching the web trying to learn more about Immortal. I listened to the episode profiling the band and have been absolutely hooked ever since. The crucial years in metal episodes are amazing and I’ve learned so much about both bands I knew and bands that are completely new to me. It’s just so fantastic to be able to dig around in 170 episodes. These guys have really made the world a better place.
I absolutely love this podcast. Mark and Jason's mellow, thoughtful approach to discussing some of the most brutal metal ever recorded is refreshing, informative and entertaining. I also really appreciate the amount of time given over to just letting the music they're discussing play. From listening to this podcast I've learned more about bands I already enjoyed, have been introduced to bands I was unaware of and have become more sensitive and careful about listening to and enjoying metal as a genre. Thank you guys for making a one of a kind and a sorely needed podcast for metal fans everywhere. I am definitely hooked on the Requiem Metal Podcast!
These guys are unbelievable! They have a wealth of knowledge spanning across all genres in the extreme metal world. I don't always agree with some of their personal opinions regarding some artists but really appreciate the dedication and professionalism they bring to the table. It's awesome to listen to a podcast discussing extreme metal especially since most of us don't have anyone to talk about it with. Keep up the great work guys.
Mark and Jason put on a great posdact. I mean, what can i say that that likely hasn't already been said? It is a great resoruce for discovering new bands, learning more about bands one might already be into or just gaining a new perspective on bands one may have dismissed early on. Listening to Mark and Jason remind me a lot of when I get together with some of my friends and talk metal only a lot more objectively. I love this show and always look forward to new updates. Keep it going guys!
I've been searching for some meaningful comments on the genre of metal and requiem delivers! I like that this is a podcast that talks about the good stuff (the things that really matter in metal) not just by the excellent choices of bands but also the deep insight provided by Jason and mark. my request is, if you guys have any time for it maybe you guys could do a Megadeth episode? I know you guys did one on rust in peace, but it would be cool If you guys could do one on the whole thing
A great podcast for anyone who loves all genres of extreme metal and theres even a few shows for the fans of punk, classic rock, and more mainstream styles of metal. Mark and Jason bring a wealth of information but keep it fun and engaging with the right amount of talk and song selections. My only complaint would be the wait between new episodes.
Balanced, thorough, and insightful. I found this show late in the game, but thank and applaud you. To answer a few questions posed in the Pentagram show. I prefer the 1st 70s era. Yes, I'd like to hear more shows on the vintage era like Sabbath. I'd also like to hear a focus show on the Occult Rock boom of Blood Ceremony, Electric Wizard, Jex Thoth, Witchcraft etc. Keep up the great work.
As other reviews have stated, this is an informative class on heavy metal. The hosts have a wide breadth of metal knowledge and expose the listeners to many genres of metal. My only complaints are the uses of "like, kinda, sorta" and the lip smacking that goes on throughout the podcasts. Wish the hosts were more articulate and professional since they are 6+ years into the podcast. Much better than the Talking Metal podcast where they hardly talk metal.
Please post new episodes! I know you guys are busy, but you can commit to a monthly show. Your fans miss you!
These guys have turned me on to so many amazing metal bands! Thorns, Candlemass, Cathedral, Craft, Blind Guardian, on and on and on. Still finding gems on this show and they make all my bike rides epic. Thanks guys, keep being you!
I love it ,but where are they.
Just started listening to the show and love it. The way the show is set up with music and talk segments is awesome. Keep up the great work.
Really thoughtful discussions on heavy metal bands from two likable, intelligent metal lifers. A great way to get acquainted with bands you may not be familiar with or ones you haven't given a chance to for one reason or another. Also a fun way to just listen to two dudes talk about bands you already love. The only problem is sometimes I wish I could talk back to my iPod and get in on the conversation. They do a great job of picking tracks that help tell each band's story, and I've purchased several albums after getting a taste of them on this podcast. Most episodes are more about the guys' personal opinions on the bands in question than about giving a thoroughly detailed biography, but what they sometimes lack in precise historical information, they more than make up for with passion, thoughtful commentary and actual music. Highly recommended.
I was big into my love of Blind Guardian when I stumbled upon this. Then I saw you had Mercyful Fate, which was my favorite band before BG. Then I saw Iron Maiden related ones, which were my favorites before that. A week or so later I found Bathory, when I first started listening to them. Then I just mentally died and downloaded a whole bunch. Thanks for the awesome.
Please do a helstar podcast great band
Love the music, love the discussion. I'm sold!
I had been a follow of Mark on some of his other shows and it seemed almost serendipitous that right when I started getting turned on to extreme metal I heard him talk about Requiem on one of those show. Since then I have been hooked. I listened to the whole back catalogue and loved hearing about bands I was already into but especially discovering new bands. It isn't even just the bands they feature but other bands they mention in the shows. Definitely a corner stone of my metal education and still listen to every new episode.
I have been a metal fan for years and hungrily consumed any information I could regarding the particular genre I was into. Recently I hit a brick wall, where I could not find any interesting metal (or any other music for that matter) to get into, nothing was inspiring enough for me and I depleated my record collection. Thankfully I found this podcast, I have listened for countless hours, some even more than once like the Emperor or Enslaved episode! Mark and Jason's self-mockingly described 'car talk' approach to Metal bands is just right. The passion of any metal fan and the scholarly approach of an anthropologist. Needless to say, thanks to them my record collection is now full of interesting gems that I would have never known otherwise. 5 Star.