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Greg and Jennifer have written a lovely mediatation on the life of Christ to use as a way to focus while praying the rosary. It's wonderful. If anyone asks you why do you pray the rosary, how can it possibly be scripturally based, or incorporate scripture - point them to this podcast! I will say, I return to this rosary regularly, there are times when I just want to pray the rosary quietly by myself... and then there are times when this is perfect! Enjoy!
I listen to this podcast daily. At least I used to. I pray that it will be available again Soon. Love yo, Greg and Jennifer! ๐Ÿ™
I have listened to this recitation daily for years. Suddenly I am unable to listen. Maybe itโ€™s technical difficulties. Hoping this get back online soon. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™


I listen to the Scriptural Rosaries every morning on my way to work. Perfect way to start the day. (Unfortunately, I have recently been unable to play the Joyful Mysteries - my Mondayโ€™s arenโ€™t the same).
Iโ€™m here almost every week , sometimes not to often but always here. Totus Tuus Mary
Thank you for your podcast! I listen and pray along with you both everyday on my way to work. It's nice to pray with others and it helps to keep me on track.
This version of a scriptural rosary is a wonderful way to pray and meditate on each mystery. The scripture passages said in between each prayer give you a deepened understanding of the mysteries and allow for a deeper meditation as well.
I am so very grateful for this podcast! Such a wonderful way to have a more contemplative prayer experience with the most holy rosary!
Outstanding work!
I love these podcasts! I listen to the rosary every day now and feel like I have a much greater understanding of each mystery thanks to the scripture reading!


By paco33
Very good, Love the two versions with scriptures and with out it. I wish they have a Spanish version of the Rosary.
Rosary Army has wonderful, simple rosaries to pray along with. Not a lot of frills, just to the point, which I appreciate greatly.
These podcasts are wonderful. I can take them to work and say my rosary there. And it's not so easy to fall asleep at night when I'm saying them. Also, you can get a visual of each mystery as they explain them. Thanks so much.
I like the two voices reading the prayers; it makes it easier to listen to & pay attention. I really appreciate the Scriptural Rosaries especially. I like that the Readings are intertwined with the Prayers.
I enjoy this podcast so very much. I love your voices and I love listening. This podcast is a blessing to me. Thank you for providing this podcast for all of us.
When I downloaded this, I was aware that there were meditations, however, I was expecting it to be one meditation before each decade. Instead, each Hail Mary is preceded by a mediatation/scripture quote. I'm sure some people really like this, but it is not what I was looking for. I found it to be highly distracting. If you are looking for a basic, no-frills rosary, this is NOT for you.
As a returning Catholic, I'm fumbling about trying to re-learn and remember everything I've forgotten. I am so grateful to have come across your podcast! I love the way you say the rosary in a slow, prayerful way - I've found many who say it so quickly it doesn't feel prayerful as I'm just struggling to keep up! Thank you so much for this, and for helping me re-enter the Church! God Bless!

By Tree
I loved each scripture verse after each Hail Mary. The rosary really came alive for me and I really felt each decade!
Thanks for the free rosary. I wanted something to put on my ipod when I walk, how nice to get it for free. I loose track of where I am in the rosary when I am walking and this will help me keep my place. Simple and to the point. As to the last reviewer who thinks Mary can't hear, I will pray for you. What better way to grow close to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, then through the intercession of His Mother. Mary wants us all to draw closer to her Son, especially in the Eucharist. Tthe rosary is a great way to meditate on the mysteries of the Gospel and therefore the life of Christ.
I as others have a problem remembering the Mysteries too. I have been so grateful for Greg and Jennifer having taken this as a mission to share with the Universal Church and all believers around the world via the Internet. Praise be to God, for your fulfilling this mission, Greg and Jennifer! Blessings of Peace and all good, Larry M., Transfiguration Catholic Church, Marietta, GA
These prayers are wonderful and comforting when meditating on the life of Christ in the gospels. Put them on a CD and keep it in your car or by your bed for morning or night prayers.
I have said the rosary since I was a child (over 38 years now). I enjoyed it most when I said it with my father. Now I again have someone to say it with. Thank you so much. This podcast needs to become known to others. Thank you thank you thank you and God bless you all.
Praying the rosary has never been easier. Can't remember the myteries? Don't worry, Greg will say them for you. Can't remember when to say the Our Father or Glory Be's? Don't worry Jennifer will make sure Greg says them at the right time. Before you know it, you will be able to pray them without help. Greg and Jennifer pray the rosary with me on the way to work!