Nest of Vipers

Reviews For Nest of Vipers

..where did it go?? There hasn't been a new show since November. What the heck?
Great podcast but it just stopped. It's tough to find a decent show as it is but if you don't give the smart ones a chance no one will ever catch on and podcasts will become as dumb as T.V.
This really is the only Podcast I look forward to hearing and the only one I listen to regularly. Admittedly, some stories drag on a little longer than necessary, but I always find at least part of it entertaining, informative and have often seen myself or someone I know in those exact same situations. It makes me feel like I'm not alone. Danny's my friend. Funny how the 1 person to give it a bad review also gave a raving review of a podcast that solely discusses a television show. Need I say more?
I've never written in to review anything anywhere, but I just had to give big ups for NoV. Always makes me laugh out loud, look forward to it every single month. Plotnick et al: keep 'em coming!
This show is exactly what a pessimist would imagine if you described podcasting to them. A group of carefree know-nothings talking over each other about who saw the most obscure goth-country band at the smallest club, or who read the bleakest out-of-print novel. If you find dorm-room commentary such as "People who love religion hate the art world" insightful, or if you're friends with these guys, you might like the show. Look, I'm a narrow-minded over-educated pop culture snob too, but you won't catch me broadcasting my tedious discussions about how to pronounce the name of the band Sun 0))). [Spoiler: apparently it's pronounced "Sun".]
This is a mind-blowingly cool show. Danny and company are funny as hell, eloquent, smart, and right on target. (And I think Beth Lisick should have her own podcast too!) Keep 'em coming. Michael W. Dean