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I LOVE listening to Mariners Church podcasts as well as the Live boldly podcasts! They are uplifting and encouraging. I listen to them in the mornings as a great start to the day!


By Kkdaddy
I love the message! It leads me everyday.
I moved from California back to my hometown of New Orleans. I missed home terribly but was torn by having to leave Mariners. I've never seen a more incredible group of Christians in my life. Pastor Kenton and his group are open and honest and bring the word of God to many. Their outreach is unmatched and their hearts unbelievable. Being able to listen online has given me the ability to be with family, but also be with my church. Although podcasts are never quite the same, it will hold me over until I can get back. Thank you!
Great church, great messages
While I try to attend every sunday, life happens. When I can't, this is an immensely valuable resource to keep me plugged in. Kenton Beshore and the entire staff really endeavor to listen to their flock and keep their messages relevant to the Orange County lifestyle- or- in response to that lifestyle. When I need a ladder or a crutch during the middle of the week, this is a great podcast to help me keep my focus. While it doesn't replace a "small group", it definetly adds to your experience. Some of the more precious and entertaining messages can be reviewed and enjoyed again and again (check out the Father's Day fly fishing message!). Thank you Mariners and itunes for this fantastic resource.
Kenton is blessed with the gift of clarity in his presentation of God's word. While you may have a favorite instructor in your walk through the scripture, you will likely find that Kenton's perspective will strengthen your faith and conviction in the word of God.
I've been listening to Mariners messages online for several years now. I really appreciate how all of the teachers there have been used of God to make his Word understandable, relevant and challenging. They have a gift for bringing the message from your head to your heart. I praise God that I can have access to this great teaching even though I live far away!
Kenton Beshore is a wonderful inspiration and speaks on such a level that is understandble and enjoyable. He always keeps my attention and stays on track with the message. I am quite new to his teachings and have been tremendously blessed since I started listening to him.
We have found these weekly talks to be fun, uplifting, thoughtprovoking and just plain worthwhile. Feet on the ground and a heart on something better. Listen and learn!