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I wish the host would speak slower as I usually listen to the podcast at .5 speed but would love to listen to at .05 speed to cleanse my sinuses. Thank you for reading my suggestion.
Best trailer ever!!! Where do you guys get all this great fiction!?! Vagaries and high quality. Love this podcast. Subscribe. Now.
If I could bring only one podcast for company when I am exiled to the plane of bones and undying, it would be this one. It deserves it.
I have recently found this podcast and have started from episode 1. I love that it’s generated from the listeners stories, I myself am a writer/ musician and make these type of audio stories. Finding this podcasts lit a new fire in me and has been a huge inspiration. I’ll soon be submitting my first stories and a idea for the whole community. Everyone should listen and support the drabblecast team.they are top notch and deserve all the praise and credit for the hard work. Thanks Drabble cast team and all the writers who have shared their stories!!
I never thought it would happen, but the podcast came back from the grave and is amazing!
I’ve been listening to this podcast one and off since 2014. It is the BEST and I always end up coming back for more. Love you, Norm - once I pay off my loans, the first thing I’m gonna do is donate to you guys!
Being a “weird fiction” podcast, I can guarantee that The Drabblecast won’t be to everyone’s taste, and even as a fan not every episode strikes a chord with me. But the vast majority of episodes really resound with me and leave me thinking about them days later. Plus, the excellent sound design and narration highly enhances the listening experience! To top it all off, Norm’s introductions and commentary are consistently hilarious and thoughtful. I promise you that you will it get an experience like The Drabblecast anywhere else!
Strange stories? From strange authors? For strange listeners? That’s music to my ears! I’m only a dozen or so episodes in and I’m home. I knew I’d struck gold when Norm signed off, addressing the audience as weirdos. (That’s my pet name for my kids) This is high quality, fun, often dark, fantasmagorical sci-fi good times.
Worth it for Norm’s unhinged introduction alone.
Arguably the best audio fiction shows of the last decade, there’s something here for everyone, and everything here for someone. I’m glad you’re back Norm, we love you.
On the episodes where there a simple travels from the long list of wonderful authors that of one awards I have to say this is probably one of my favorite podcasts. I’ve personally connected with many of the stories and could feel the emotion the author describes. Some episodes however, almost seems somewhat random. They’re still good but still somewhat random.
Not a huge fan of leaving reviews but...that Directors cut “The Worm Within” forced my hand. I was appalled and flustered and laughing so hard I had to keep pausing the episode... You have to understand I lost a perfectly good pair of pants that night and my wife was not happy! ....Thank you!
I love this podcast, and the revamped new episode for Halloween 2018 is absolutely hilarious and AMAZING! Great job!!’
I have been listening to The Drabblecast since before its was cool. Oh wait, I'm not sure it is. Anyway, the stories are great. Everytime I listen, there's always something new that makes me think "I think so-and-so (friends or family-members) will love that story. There's silly stuff for the kids (or kids-at-heart), stuff to pull at your heart-strings, even thought-provoking items for folks who think stories should have greater meanings than love-lorn unicorns or giant pimples.
Honestly, we came across this podcast by chance now it’s our number one choice. If your brain craves interesting thoughtfully written stories, the sort that grab you in the first sentence. Suddenly your not aware of anything except the sound of Norms voice and being unable to do anything but listen. Join us and listen for just one story I promise you’ll be hooked.
As the king of the internet and worlds most renowned authority on awesomeness, I pronounce The Drabblecast as winner of inter web words and hereby knight NormSherman the wordsmitiest of oratory negotiators granting him a free pass on being devoured by that which waits, just behind you. ~OverLord Xenia
I'm so glad it's back! Long live Drabblecast! If you give it a try , you'll be glad. Nearly perfect. Love Norm.
Norm and The Drabblecast mobbe expertly nail the thousands of subtleties required to pull off a ferociously addictive production of a delightful diversity of straight weird fiction, sourcing from the giants of yore to the hot properties of today, with a sprinkling of obvious interdimensional authors who evidently get off on messing with humans, and somehow obtained Norm's contact information.
I discovered this podcast about they went on hiatus and almost panicked when they left us hanging in the middle of a Lovecraft month. I binged through the available episodes on Apple podcasts, Drabblecast archives, Drabble classics, and dribblecast and was about to panic again when the announcement of the relaunch came and pulled me away from the ledge. The stories are usually amazing and always entertaining but it is the cleverness and creativity of host Norm Sherman that really makes me love this podcast. His cynical humor and dry delivery are the perfect compliment to the weird content of these stories and drabbles.
They told me I had to say that. Now I just have a second while they grab another one of us, then throw me back in the well. They can’t write because they don’t have fingers or eyes, or heads even, the way we think of heads. So they make us write these reviews, although they only bother to read the titles. I think something happened to Norm and the crew. I don’t know what. They opened the wrong book, the wrong portal. They saw something they shouldn’t have seen. And they had to go away. Now they’re back? No. It’s not that simple. Something’s different. They’ve changed. They’ve BEEN changed. Maybe by these things that are keeping us here. Maybe Norm IS one of those things! We all knew he was flying to close to the sun, meddling with forces we do not speak of. Was it the book? The trip to the woods? That weird bus? I don’t know. All I know is that I spend my days fighting the madness. And writing reviews. The madness is winning. Norm, if it’s still you in there, help us! But if you really have become one of those things, then hey, great podcast, bro!
If you need a good, good podcast friend, let me introduce you to the Drabblecast! Beautiful, strange language with tickle your fancy for sure. Drown yourself in the Ichor, and rise again, with all the attendant feels and goosebumps. 🐙
Exceptionally useful podcast. I played it for my young children to explain the life cycle of clowns as well as other mysteries.
You have not had your medication. Therefore when we bow to the vortex of violet sickness, we must acknowledge the fact that the Code Of Hammurabi is not only a very original, if not uncreated flavor of ice cream, but more importantly it has nothing to do with your junior high school locker combination. You believe his name was “Norm.” Your friend is less confident about this and asks “Norm… Sure man?” The locker opens as you grin, your pet eels have not escaped as your great aunt Pheobe led you to believe, but they have been waiting for you all this time. The quantum gate opens and you have no choice… You give this podcast 5 stars. And after those stars have been given, the night sky now has five voids where the stars you gave once were.
I enjoy the narrators banter more than the stories. I need the scare and they just don’t bring it.
Hey listen, the Drabblecast is weird. Like, cracked. Don’t go in there expecting Laura Ingalls Wilder, unless maybe he’s got a story about the Little House on the Prairie being eaten by clowns that descended from beetles and sing Sinatra tunes while wearing Pa’s clothes. He might. It’s weird, but wow it sounds good while your brain’s being twisted, and the stories, though strange, are really good. That guitar intro will become Pavlov’s bell after not too long, make you perk up your ears and do the ear equivalent of salivating, which is gross sure but it’s good because after all, we all need a little weird in our lives. (Or afterlives if that’s your situation. I don’t judge, unless you died doing something hilarious)
I’ve been a fan for 7 years and when I heard the cast had come back I was over the moon. I can’t wait to hear more form norm.


By Kvsteve
Drabblecast was the first podcast that I fell utterly and hopelessly in auditory thrall with. Cannot even put in words how glad I am the Norm has returned!
I’m so glad this podcast is coming back in the fall. It’s strange tales that always intrigue, hosted by a soft spoken Norm who’s voice is perfect for introducing audio oddities. If you give this a listen and are into stories that can literally go in any direction, you should be pleased.
I came over here to leave a longing review, missing the Drabblecast, but there are new episodes to I resubscribed! WOOT! This has always been one of my faves.
I’m so glad you came back to apple podcast. This is honestly my favorite pod to listen to while I work. I was starting to wonder if you gave it up for good. Thanks for the hard work you do here! Keep it up!
I’m glad you’re back! This is such a great and creative podcast, every episode is something new. I look forward to the future of this podcast :D
The best podcast ever.
You didn’t get here by accident, enjoy.
I swear, every time I think this pod is gone for good, it comes back!! Norm and the team never disappoint lol. So happy to see one of my favorite pods rise back from the ashes.
If you missed out on this podcast during its formative years, now is your chance. So many of us have been waiting for Norm to make a return to the podcast. Don’t miss out this time.
I love this podcast and I am thrilled for Norm to be back. I can’t wait to hear more.
This is a great podcast that any spec fiction fan should listen to regularly.
THE DRABBLECAST RETURNS!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I missed you Boo! 😘
I just found this podcast. Sadly, it is no longer being updated. All of the stories I have heard so far have been worth a listen and some are fabulous. Subscribe and listen. This is a good way to spend your time.
The sexiest voice in podcasting, the absence of this show feels like a hole in my weird little heart. I hope it comes back soon in some form.
I should have reviewed this show long ago, they are no longer making episodes, but I still have hope. There is a great big back catalogue of the best horror you can find and very minute is good.
Just checking in to say I really miss this show. I hope all is well and look forward to hearing it once again in the future.
In the best way


This podcast has become a favorite for my 16ur old and me to listen to on the long commute to school. Keep up the good work!
Pound for pound the most entertaining podcast, both for its content and narrator.
This is an amazing podcast. Great stories coming every week have honestly inspired me to start writing. Cannot say enough good things about this. Gotta take a listen!
I very much enjoyed the Women and Aliens episodes posted in October, 2016, and will be exploring the archives. Ep. 383 Sun Moon Cat Man is a lovely little story by an author I hope to hear more from.
The most awesome podcast I've found in years and hands down the best of its kind. If you're a weirdo, fantasy or science fiction lover or just plain like great story telling then this podcast is for you. Fantastic narration and great stories. My only regret is that I haven't donated yet!