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Intellegent, humorous, but thoughtful, Trig & Jamie never fail to entertain. They have secured interviews with many 24 cast members & production staff. By far the best podcast (in any category) that I've ever listened to so far.
Trig and Jamie are great, you can tell two were meant to be co-hosts! They are hilarious throughout the whole show and they certainly know their 24 history. They have a genuine love and passion for the show and you can tell that with each episode they put out. Their interviews with the casts and crew members are unmatched, very good, and entertaining! The only thing that's a let down for the podcast is over in the UK they see the current episode like a week later than in the U.S. So we here in America don't get an episode review until the following week. Excellent podcast for any 24 fan!
These 2 are funny!!! Their outlook on 24 is awesome!!! Please Please listen and comment on them!!! 24 Podcasting doesn't get any better then this!!!
These guys are funny while taking the show seriously at the same time. Excellent job great interviews. Keep it up!!!