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I’m suppose to tell you all how gravel-y and gross Ethan’s voice sounds and how Alex doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but instead I’ll just tell you how ridiculously excited I am that they maybe, just maybe!?, are coming back!? With new episodes!? Halle-frickin-lujah! It’s about time folks!
I used to listen to the terrestrial broadcasts during commutes later in the evenings, and I still miss those live shows, but I am glad they can now be with their families in the evening. I love the podcast and always have it on. I just got done going backward listening to every single episode ever released on podcast. I hope you guys are still having a good time with the show, Ethan and Alex! I’ll hate when it all comes to an end. Now I need some new eps! 😜
I have loved the Nightside Project for years, but Ethan and Alex, stop with the swearing. This is KSL. Enough. -long time listener
I miss listening to them on the radio. I’m glad that at the very least I can still listen to Ethan and Alex on these fun, short episodes. Longer episodes would be great but I’ll take what I’m given. :) This podcast helps me get through the first part of my shift for the USPS. I look like an idiot holding in my laughter but I don’t mind. Thank you for making my day brighter, Nightside.
Pretty great stuff. I been teaching friends and telling neighbors for a while now. I get all my news from nightside project and so should everybody else.
I've been a nightside listener since the begining and hearing Alex and Ethan's take on today's headlines is one of the best parts of my day. Whether it's a spreadsheet at work or mowing the lawn at home there's noone better to pass the time with than these two. Keep up the great work. Nightside forever!
every time I hear Jay McFarland's voice during the commercials. Speaking of commercials...the Mystery Escape Room ads need a volume adjustment (too loud). Ads are fine--they support the show but after I hear the same ones for a month, I start to skip them anyway. Might as well sell shorter ad buys and get additional purchasers. But other than that, the Nightside Project is a great way to help you unwind as you commute home. The hosts have a great bromance going that's very amusing with smart humor. Keep up the good work! That compliment is for everyone except the Digital Marketing department. ;)
I love the podcasts and wish that these guys were still on air, but all they do pretty much is these zen headlines. I want to know what happened to things like life hypotheticals and first world problems along with things like seriously Thursday nights and Logan or Provo -Peyton cleaver
Still love you guys but the video podcasts get repetitive. Would appreciate if those were posted elsewhere. I still love you, Ethan and Allen!
I've listened since 2014 and loved every episode sice? Keep them coming!
I really miss these guys on the radio in the evenings. This is a great podcast that is worth listening to! They are fun and informative!
Ethan and Alex are tremendous talents. I love this show.
Been listening to nightside for years, funny stuff. I really like this version because it has removed 90% of eating into the microphone yet maintained the yummy content.
Began listening to Ethan and Alex around 2007 while they were in terrestrial radio and I was living in NJ. Being a native Utahn living in NJ it was fantastic listening to their show and getting a bit of home while on the east coast, even my 10 year old son now listens. When we moved back to Utah it was great to be back and going to venues when they'd visit on Thursdays. Back in NJ and was disheartened when KSL dropped the show. We were thrilled to have them back in podcast form and able to binge on episodes while I'm working or traveling as a family. The humor and rapport with each other is like listening good buddies letting us in on their jokes and conversation. From Zen headlines and First world problems they find the wildest and weirdest stories. Not to say that they don't do serious bits, they do, but it's always done with taste and humor always finds it way back in. Highly recommended Ethan and Alex as they are child friendly, but adults will appreciate and relate.
Hey! This is Tyson! Thank you for staying awesome even though you're no longer on the radio. It really makes me happy to hear your every day! Keep up the Zen, funny, and overall entertaining Podcast!
I'm very glad I found you guys again. During the breaks we do not need to here from Mr. KSL (Doug Wright) promoting KSL podcast. We all know that there is only one KSL podcast. Mr. KSL already gets enough air time. Just saying
Nightside was one of the first radio programs I listened to when I moved to Utah, and is still my favorite. I appreciate the millennial jokes, I laugh even though I am one.
Love the new podcast! My only critique...a lack of the "token" political segment from Ethan. The old show would have a single "token" segment per night. How about one "token" political segment per WEEK??
Better than ever in podcast form, I can listen whenever I want! You're great at this job, keep it up
I loved this show on the radio and I love it even more in podcast form. My favorite part is when the sporty guy picks on the chirpy guy.
If you loved the radio show you'll love this podcast. Same old Ethan and Alex. They send you free money. Just shorter.
Both funny and insightful. The hosts have a great chemistry that lends for a top-tier listening experience that is also relatable. I started listening to Nightside in 2009. The first episode I heard was Barack Obama's fake subliminal messages to school children. HILARIOUS! Also insightful into how ridiculous people can be about political agendas. I kept listening through pharmacy school, especially when I needed a pick-me-up after a rough pharmacology exam. Now I am graduated and listen to the Nightside at work. Great move with going all digital. One request: bring back News Wars. Great work and keep the episodes rolling. - Your friendly neighborhood pharmacist, Matt
I’ve been listening to Ethan and Alex for many years and they have been great company through my many miles as a truck driver. There are no shortage of laughs on this show. Thanks for the fun times fellas! Keep it up!
I love that this radio show is continuing in podcast form. Ethan & Alex have fantastic chemistry with each other, so even if the subject matter is dry, they liven it up and make it fun and interesting. Here's to many more years of The Nightside Project!
I have tons of good memories listening to this show. One summer when I was in college, I worked a swing shift doing data entry from 4:30pm to 1:00 am. I would listen to nightside when they came on at 7:00, listen to the entire show, and then I would listen to the first two hours of the show all over again from 10:00 to midnight. That was a terrible job, but it still makes me laugh when I remember listening to nightside through it all. My entire family loves nightside. Often times I'll be talking to my mom or husband and be like "Oh, the other day, Alex was saying...," or "Ethan thinks...". It's like these guys are family friends! Haha Love the show, keep it up!
#1 podcast listened to in touring busses stopping at Chinese buffets in small towns across Utah. Keep up the good work!!!
I love listening to the podcast at work. Quite often they say something funny and I start giggling and can't stop. They have great interaction, on occasion Alex isn't very nice to Ethen but I am willing to overlook it.
i started listining when i was 13 so two years ago. i play high school foot ball and after every practice i would listen to you guys. you guys also need to bring forbidden voices as a bumper for segments
I listened to nightside for years on the radio and always loved finishing my day happy. I moved away from Utah for about a year and was distressed to hear it was off the air when I came back, but was told by a friend and taught by a neighbor about the podcast. Now I finish anything from my commute to my workday to college Homework happy thanks to the Nightside Project. I definitely recommend this podcast to anyone, these guys are awesome.
Listened to Nightside project for years and love the Podcast. I'm a stay at home mom and listen during the day while cleaning and cooking dinner. Thanks for helping me feel more "zen".
Love these guys! They get me through the day at work and leave me always wanting more episodes. Hope they stick around for a long time
Truly an amazing show! Love how you deliver the news with humor. Keep up the good work! Listener since 2011.
So glad I found these guys on the podcast, and so bummed out that they're not on the radio! Thank you nightside for keeping me sane! I can "end the day happy" now. don't pay attention to 'one star rating' guy. Nobody knows where Kuala Lumpur is 😜.
Great podcast. I was so bummed when they went of the radio and I was elated when I found the podcast.
Ethan and Alex crack me up. After a long and too serious day in the office, the Nightside Project is a great way to unwind on the commute home. Super glad to find the podcast. Highly recommend. I"ll pass the word in Seattle.
Always loved this show and was depressed when it went off the air. I like it even better as a podcast. I can listen to it whenever I want and I swear it's gotten even funnier.
How about talking about what podcast apps are the best out there to listen with? I've tried a few and there are problems, it seems, with all. As pod casters what is your favorite? Thanks.
I am so glad they were not lost forever. Loved listening to them on my way home. Now I keep them on my phone and listen while working, cooking, cleaning....well, everything. Like their subjects, love their interaction. Please keep this up!
Thank you Nightside Project for entertaining my family on our many drives. Please though no more video podcasts. You single handedly annihilated my data plan for December due to the larger downloads.
They don't know where Kuala Lumpur is, they can't tell the difference between a 777 and 747, they don't know that Boeing makes the dreamliner... listening to the hosts learn things everyone else already knows.
Ethan and Alex are hilarious! My wife and I listen all night. I highly suggest subscribing!
I love the way you guys present news even if it is absurd! Can't believe they replaced you boo steal! All KSL is now is politics from 9-12, instead of the browsers we now get politics from 12:30-3 and then to top off the night we get some more politics from 7-10.... soooooo glad you guys are still around and In a great format !!
Great way to drive home. My sister and I can't stop laughing!!! Thank you!!!!!!
I was upset when Nightside Project ended on KSL but was way excited to see their podcast! I'm a huge podcast guy and this one is quality. These two are hilarious. Ethan is like the American Karl Pilkington!
I really love this podcast! So funny and really does make my commute happy! :)
Was really bummed out that these guys left the air. Had nothing better to do with my drive time to work had to listen to drew steel. Not as great as these to but he is trying to fill the spot. But this all changed until I remembered they have a podcast now my time driving to work and back is better while i listen to these guys. Ksl has some good employees here.
I love listening to Ethan and Alex while driving! Makes the drive go by so fast, and laughing out loud so much is a great stress reliever 😊 thanks guys!!
This is the best podcast you'll listen to.
Ethan and Alex are the best duo for friendly banter in the podcast world. Extremely relatable dudes! Thanks guys and bless you KSL for doing something great. Keeping these guys pumping through my ear canals keeps me going! I don't know what I'd do without them.