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I’ve loved every minute of these stories They are simple to listen to but engaging enough to keep your attention for hours. I just can’t thank you enough for these stories. After long days at work or just needing to unwind while cleaning these are my go to stories.
Well worth your time.
First in the series. Excellent production quality. I really enjoyed listening to this very much, but a notice to others: there is no excitement in here. It's just the goings on of a young guy on his first space ship, and there is no ending. The story continues in Half Share. Personally, I'm fine with this, but know that this isn't a thriller. Still, this is very well written, and I am totally committed to following these characters.
The things that make up life displayed on the "deep dark". If you want classic battles try Hornblower. If ou want to know what you and your friends would be up to in this time frame: walk the decks of this solar clipper.
great story. old tall ships meet star trek
Nathan Lowell is a master storyteller who weaves a magnificent tale over the course of this six-book series. He has crafted an entire universe that simply absorbs the reader from the first podcast through to its final installment. Nathan has created a believable, honorable lead character whose life unfolds across the span of many years amongst a broad cast of characters that mirror the range of people in society. I have just finished listening to the entire series straight through for the second time, and I enjoyed it even more, if that is even possible, than I did before. Not only does he craft a wonderful tale that holds the reader's interest throughout the series, his own vocal performance of his tales is simply spellbinding. He manages to create a masterful array of voices to bring each character to life. As much as I love traditional books in which the reader is left to imagine his or her own preference of voices when it comes to the characters, Lowell is able to produce (seemingly effortlessly) each unique voice to match the characters as he has originally drawn them. This series is filled with action, suspense, love, and pain. Perhaps it's greatest charm lies in Lowell's ability to bring to life the full range of emotions in very believable situations, and provides a wonderful insight into the human condition. At times it had me on the edge of my seat, and even brought me to tears. As a former military officer, I particularly enjoyed the extreme care that Lowell pays to military and para-military culture, protocol, and lingo. I believe that this stems from Lowell's having served in the USCG, unless I am mistaken. Finally, not only is this series a masterpiece, but so are all of his Podiobooks - both the ones he wrote and others that he provides his incredible vocal talent to. As a long time aficionado of audiobooks and podiobooks, I consider him as easily being one of the top 5-10 male narrators/readers from Librivox.org and Podiobooks.com. I highly recommend anything that Nathan Lowell is involved with in any capacity whatsoever. They'd are all terrific.
Great series, listened to the first 8 without pause - a classic tale of a journeyman spacer
I love the work of Nathan Lowell. Intriguiging storylines and he really draws you in. This is the third time I've downloaded the Solar clipper series and I am still in love with these books! Highly recommended.
As a Navy vet this story reminds me of being in the Navy. Its a great mix of Navy and future. You wont be sorry.


By mcclkel
Just found Traders Tale and it has me hooked!
Best narrator and my favorite all author of all time: Nathan Lowell🌟. All of his stories, books, audiobooks are seriously well done and very engaging. And, the Solar Clipper / Trader Tales series has topped my book and audiobook list. Bravo, sir!!! Nathan Lowell - please, please, please write and narrate more...👏🙏🙏🌟 And, Ishmael, my favorite character, I miss YOU!
This is my first comment review of any podcast i have listened to, and I have heard many. the trader tale series in one share or another always seems to stay on my iPod. I think that I have listened to the tales more than any other podcasts I have downloaded. I still do not think I know how to make a great cup of coffee, but I appreciate the most humanly plausible storyline for a science fiction story I have heard so far.
Nice break from the regular space battle books. Much more like what space travel is really like.
This book, along with the others in this series have become my favorite series rather quickly. Between the authors excellent character development that both pulls you in and makes you fall in love and the great plot lines, there is little more to ask for. The author narrates with a smooth and yet passionate voice adding unique vocalist ion for characters. This is my go to book for long drives or whenever I feel the urge to go drink a cup of coffee.
Couldn't put it down! Thank you Sar!
I just finished the 6th book in the series and i loved it. You really fall in love with the characters. It's very well written and performed.
I loved the story and characters. A nice mix of future space travel and every day life for those who sail the 'deep dark'.
I am only part way through this podiobook, but I am hooked. The story is interesting, and Nathan Lowell has a very calm and soothing voice, which makes me want to sit back, relax, and listen all day long.
This was such an engaging series, I really became enamored with the characters. I wish it didn't end. I still think about this story years after hearing this story, wondering if Nathan decided to break down and write something else about them.
One of the best podcasts ever. Masterfully written and narrated. Wonderful characters. From the first book to the last, this tale brings you on a journey that leaves a lasting impression. Amazing.
I have read the first three books before I realized these podcasts were available. The story telling is excellent & Nathan has a great reading voice. Highly recommended!
I love these stories!! Once you start listening you will not stop. Great writer who also is one of the best voice talents out there. 5 Stars! , 2 Thumbs Up!.... Highly highly recommended !!!
I have tried to download several times. Just errors.
This is an amazing story read with a great voice. Looking forward to more to come.
Honestly, I just downloaded the first episode because a friend loves Nathan Lowell and it was free. I had NO idea that I would be so drawn in to the story that I would find myself sitting in my car in the parking lot at the end of my commute listening-after working a ten hour day. I didn't want to stop & go in the house! As the daughter of a Navy man who spent 25 years on an aircraft carrier, I can say I've never felt closer to my father than while listening to this book. Thank you for that.
Loved this entire series!! Must listen!!
I am currently halfway through Captain's Share and have loved the series.
The story contains no conflict that needs to be overcome during the story, its just a story about an intelligent human that trades things. Also the characters say and do stuff that nobody would do in real life.


By Mezclar
On my third listen to all Nathan's books. Love this guy! Do yourself a favor and listen to his stuff.
There's no laser blasts or saving the galaxy. You get to follow the career of land rat, Ishmael Wang, as he works his way up in the series from mess attendant to ship owner and saves one ship and many lives at a time. Nathan writes this series in such a way that he doesn't have to go into chapter-long description of the transition drive that makes travel between systems possible. You learn like a rookie would….one snip at a time. In time, he leads you through the ecology of what makes a space freighter tick and about the economics of his universe. Lots of great characters including many strong and powerful female roles. ……..and any book that starts with "Call me Ishmael.." is just going to draw you in.
There is no way that an average person like me can express just how GOOD the entire Trader Tales series is and how GOOD it leaves me feeling. It's a place I want to be. It's filled with people I want to meet. Go there and I think you'll agree.
From the first Quarter to at least the Double Share, the stories are full of fun. They can be cornball at times, but the author know how to read the material to the best affect and you don't want to miss a single episode. You fall in love with the characters, even the ones with the more "famous" names. I may be late to the series, but just in time for the fun.
Quarter Share isn't perfect, but it is the beginning of something great. The six volume arc begun in this book, spanning the "known" career of Ishmael Wang, is also the arc of a writer growing along with his character. Nathan Lowell gushes with enthusiasm in these earlier books, describing everything in sometimes excruciating and pointless detail. Everything and everyone is liberally layered with elaborate description and superlative that can get tiresome at times, but it matches perfectly to the character he is writing; a talented young man who loses just about everything he has ever known, and gets swept away into an incredibly new and huge world. I assure you that the story matures commensurate with the character it follows, and Nathan Lowell's writing follows suit. I found this podcast at random, and I was hooked after the first episode, and did not stop listening in every waking hour until I had listened to the entire 6 book run. And as if writing a great book wasn't enough, Nathan Lowell has a natural gift as a reader that improves with each book he records. I listen to a lot of audiobooks, and there are many professionally done ones I would rather have had Nathan Lowell read than the actor who did.
After listening to the audiodrama The Leviathan Chronicles, with different voices and lots of sound efects, I thought I could never enjoy a plain old audio book again. I was wrong. This book is very enjoyable, well written, and well produced. It does'nt have the advertising like a Sigler podcast or the hard rock music of the 7 son trilogy and I really like that. It is simple, easy to follow, does'nt use obscene language, and so far has'nt overwhelmed me with lots of characters, i.e. The Witching Hour. What I like best about this podcast is that I can enjoy it equally on my way to work when I am still half sleeping, and on my way home from work when I am half wired. Some podcasts are too energetic to listen to in the morning and some too slow to listen to in the evening. This strikes a nice balance in tempo and energy.
By far the best podiobook I have listened to and I have listened to hundreds. This is an inspiring tale, very well told. The story will draw you in, keep you interested in every word and looking forward to each time you spare to listen. This is an epic adventure by a top shelf author, he is the real deal. Everyone will enjoy this work. Thanks for the memories Nathan.
Mr. Lowell has a done a great job on this series. HIghly entertaining and engaging. The character of Ishmael develops across the story arc and we the listeners get to follow along with his life. In truth, the story does lack a bit of realism, as Ishmael and his life does seem to be too good to be true at times, but as the stories develop the author does throw in some difficulties and losses in the latter parts of the series. If you are looking for something fun, entertaining, and upbeat, this is the series for you. No blazing battles, or epic tales here, just good easy storytelling that draws you in.
E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T!!!!!! So excellent that I'm starting the series for a second time. Just awesome.
I have listened to Many Pod Cast. This is a truly Great Story.
This is the first in the six part series, and I highly recommend them all I cannot say how much I enjoyed the entire series. The sound quality was great and I found my self actually caring about what was happing to the character’s in the series. I could not recommend it more and am looking forward to more from this author.
Wonderfully written, skillfully read and capti\vating. I have listened to them all and am angry about there only being six, well not really but I WANT MORE!
Do NOT plan to listen to these audio books here and there with long gaps in between! All plans of that nature are futile. I was hooked from the first episode!
First the story is great and I was hooked. So glad I came to this story once it was completed. I don't think I could have waited week to week for the next podcast. It was a perfect series for my commute.
Every one of these tales are engaging and entertaining. Very well written and read. Given the relatively flat plot line, I'm amazed that they've kept my interest, but they have. Strong character development throughout keeps you wanting to know what happens next. My only criticism is that everything just goes 'right' for the main character. He just doesn't make mistakes. Whenever life presents him with difficulty, he sails right through on the power of his intellect and character, but he never really gets tested beyond his abilities. Life for Ish is just a bit too easy. Still, a wonderful tale well told.
Listeners, Start here with Quarter Share and get ready for a great adventure. Thanks, Nathan, great stuff!
I started with Quarter Share and am now well into Captain's share. Ishmael Wang is a most delightful character and watching him grow into such an exceptional man is a real gift. If we could all face our challenges with his grace, intelligence and good humor this world would be quite a place in which to live! Thank you, Mr. Lowell, for offering this promising vision and this fabulously enjoyable read. You are a master storyteller indeed!
Great reoccurring characters. Wonderful stories and plenty of them!
A great story. Not at all what I expected when I started this saga. More a story about the life of a boy turning into a man, set in space, than a true sci-fi tale. Mr. Wang could just as easily be a boy entering stewardship on a 17th century clipper ship, as a space faring young man on a wormhole bending cargo ship in the deep dark. The positive vibe of the story is what really sticks with you and keeps you coming back for more. I couldn't get enough of this story! Great job writing by Mr. Lowell. I had preciously heard Mr. Lowell's narrative with "The Crown Conspiracy". Great story and well read! Lose yourself in a great story!