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I have been listening to Shawn Kings for over a decade. I miss his 10 minute news of the day pod casts, and will always remember his day after September 11 pod cast. Since then I have relied on Shawn and his cast of character to provide me thoughtful insight on the consumer and private sector point of view. I work in the educational technology arena and these brilliantly articulated perspectives help me to gauge and understand what Apple is doing and why they continue to hurt their relationship in the enterprise education market. In addition products and computer techniques covered have and continue to be useful in improving the quality and joy of my personal journey with the Macintosh.
Bombastic Apple idolatry from a self-appointed high priest of all things Apple.
Tech podcasts are a dime a dozen, but most of the other ones I've listened to are either nasty echo-chamber gossip, long-and-drawn-out-commerciais, or panels full of gray-haired Boomers trying to come to terms with new developments by oversimplifying them (while being reassured by one or two genuine tech journalists). Your Mac Life remains the one I listen to every week. Still an intelligent, opinionated, and humorous review of the week's consumer technology events that are most likely to be of interest to Mac and iOS users. The show also continues to involve its listening audience, both live during the broadcast, and in emails about issues that listeners have questions/comments about. The show's undergone a few changes over the years. After a relocation, the show left behind two excellent cohosts who contributed a great deal. Host Shawn King is currently flying solo and doing a great job with it (despite his avowed preference for having someone close at hand to converse with). The new Starting Point Photography segment—an introduction to Shawn's newest venture aimed at training beginning photographers to take better pictures—is occasionally excellent. Tips and suggestions for helping nonprofessionals, taught by someone who explains things very well, indeed. All well worth listening to, and well worth supporting.
Found this podcast via a mention on Twitter so I thought I'd check it out. From what I understand this podcast has been around forever. Not sure what the appeal is though. Way to much rambling about how Shawn's day went etc. (though that may appeal long time listeners who feel they know him and "get it") This podcast reminds me of our local FM classic rock morning show. May appeal to the over 50 crowd. Not my cup of tea.
Great group of Regulars Guests Informative Entertaining Lots of Fun Wish he had more sponsors so he can go to Macworld and report Always look forward to the latest podcast aAlso enjoy the specials Looking forward to more of the same
I have been listening to Shawn King for years. His show has preexisted podcasts. His experience & knowledge on Apple has always been a great resource.
For Apple product conversation, YML is my favorite. Very professional and entertaining stuff.
I've been listening to "Your Mac Life" basically since its inception - and to the prior version as well - long before the birth of "Podcasts'. It was one of the first internet broadcasts that I can recall relating to as a new Mac user back in the late 1990's, and is one of the only shows I listen to on a regular basis that I truly enjoy so much I have hardly ever missed an episode. Shawn's friendly, fun and sometimes ferocious look at all things Mac have always kept me feeling as if I were in a private club - where users gather to talk about how this machine - and later the products that came out of the company that made the machine - affected their lives. It is at once a casual conversation amongst friends, a technical show about what to do with your "Mac" stuff - and occasionally a showcase for useful products and information. The camaraderie amongst the cast always seems to include the listener - you feel as if you are hanging out with a bunch of people who would totally get why you're spending all of your spare time with your Mac and i-Things. Sly's shout-outs (which include birthday and anniversary wishes) add to the feeling that you are amongst friends -- This is one of the few long-lasting shows that still retains that exciting feeling of the early days of the Internet - when it was a smaller community who all shared their enthusiasm for all things ( in this case, Apple). Less technical than other programs, Shawn is also quick to dispel rumors - sparing endless hours of wondering about what the next big product will be. His viewpoints, and those of his co-hosts, are fresh, feel honest, and most of all are enthusiastic. And with the Social Media integration, which the show has done since the days of Mailing Lists, the show becomes not just about his Mac life, but ours too.
Love this show! It's a must to listen to EVERY week.
What a great podcast! This was the first web show I ever started listening to. Well, back then it had a different name (MacLive) I believe.
Wish it came out every day! 
This is one of the best podcast that i have ear. Shawn King introduce a fresh, funny and quick podcast speaking about many different Apple informations, and also he has great guest as Jim Dalrymple, Bill Reynolds and Ian Schray. And don't forget the team, including Sly. It's 100% recommendable.
Wow. What a complete waste of time. Noting but streaming consciousness. How could anyone think the world would care to listen to this? There simply is no point other than listening in to a rambling conversation between (I'm assuming) High School Freshmen. How could anyone be so self absorbed that they would think people would want to listen to personal banter that does not really come close to news, information or anything else worthwhile.
Shawn King provides a unique show for the Mac user. It is interesting, provocative, informative, and lots of fun. The IRC chat room for the live stream adds an entire 4th dimension to the show. The free downloadable podcasts are great for long drives in the car. It is (mostly) family friendly and when one of the folks slips up with a cuss word or two, my 5 yr old (or his mom) lets Shawn know at once! His new "10 minutes on...." a given subject of current interest in the Mac world is a great way to explore new versions of software, hardware, or current events in the Mac world. I love that there is lots of technical information, but it is geared to "the rest of us", not the geeks and developers, but rather the average and ardent mac user. The show often extends into real life with events at Macworld Expo and other meatspace gatherings. Shawn is a fantastic interviewer, and loves to talk to folks who are not necessarily Mac industry geeks, but just folks who use Apple technology to help achieve fantastic things in their own pursuit of excellence. Give the show a try, the first one is free, (and so are all the rest)...
That bit the other day about the ex-gay conversion app in the App Store. Shawn and guest generally thought the app was crass but should have stayed out of "principle." No sensitivity whatsoever of what it might be like for a gay kid growing up in a world that hates you and for some is actively trying to kill you. Many gay kids actually die. Way too many. Apps like this are hate speech. They are hate speech no matter how sweetly they pretend to 'love the sinner.' That's why Apple removed it. Once it was pointed out to them, they saw the situation and removed the app. Not good that they didn't notice in the first place but good that they dealt with the situation. Shawn never got the point. Libertarian all they way. Claims "lots of gay friends," and "some that hate gays." Lots, I'm sure. Maybe more of the second than the first. And his "gay friends" most likely don't consider him *their* friend. Guest made a sick comment that people would have something to complain about if the app was a first person shooter game targeting gays. Nice comment -- slid right in there. Said to send the hate email to (imaginary address). Consider it sent. Unsubscribe.
Thats a compliment because I love Pizza :) Shawn has a excellent podcast that is well worth a listen. Thanks for the entertainment Shawn :) Mike
I have been listening to this show since 2003 and the content has really fallen off in the past year. There used to be 2-3 interviews per podcast. Now there are very few, maybe 1 a month. The format was changed months ago and the interviews were supposed to be released separate from the show as additional downloads but they just haven't been happening. I now only listen to the Jim Dalrymple segment as the other 2+ hours are just discussions among the in-house crew. They get quite repetitive and serve as advertisement for their respective companies. Advertisement is fine, it's a free podcast, but it's the same people every week. The episode length could easily be knocked down by an hour. There are many more content-rich Mac/Apple related podcasts that are more worth listening to.
Shawn has great guests on his show and does very good interviews. This must be balance by the poor technical quality of his show which is surprising considering the years of experience that he has. The audio level is all over the place from very loud to barely audible. Background noises or just complete silence are not unusual. All of this makes for some very unpleasant listening.
In my effort to become more Mac tech savvy, I discovered this broadcast through iTunes last week. I listened to a program this past weekend and REALLY enjoyed the show. Shawn and his crew do not talk high-tech language that an average Mac user would not be able to understand. Instead, they are down-to-earth while keeping up with the most current Macintosh technologies and advances, adding in humor to make the show all the more entertaining. PS: This is the only review I've ever posted on the internet...and I did not get paid to submit this review!
Love the new format! Great idea to split the show up into parts and post them throughout the week. The mix of recorded interviews and live show call-ins keeps the show interesting. Shawn does his homework when it comes to the news and interviews. He is not afraid to express his opinion and you might not always agree with him, but his opinions are well-reasoned and educated. And he's not afraid to admit when he us wrong or changed his mind. That's what makes listening to YML a pleasure. He talks to a wide variety of guests that he always ties back to "Your Mac Life." They may be authors, software engineers, finance pundits, Olymipic Bob Sled Medalists, sports photographers, cartoonists or any interesting person he discovers that uses Apple/Mac technology. And Shawn always asks the questions that I would want to hear answered. You know the podcast has relevance when I hear something happening in the Mac Community and I think: "I wonder what Shawn's going to say about this on YML this week?" With the great new format, I don't have to wait until Wednesday night anymore. Keep up the good work!
Shawn King, the host, does a good job of bringing on a variety of guests and getting them to talk in a candid and interesting manner. Its a nice reflection on the weeks news with interesting product and application interviews mixed in.
Having listened for years, I feel this is the foremost show on Macs and tech. Interesting topics range from: the New York Yankees System Engineer playing Playstation on the new stadium screen as a recent job, to using Mac minis as servers. As a digital storyboard artist, I especially like his segments on Photoshop, Corel Painter & Wacom; and interviews with other artists, like one from DC Comics, sharing relatable Mac experiences. The host invites questions for his guests and the show is presented in an informal, impartial and engaging way -making this the only must listen for me.
The concept is good. The execution is horrible. Production quality is inept while personal matter dialogue diminished the show value. It would serve well if the host would get a some form of education on tactics and podcasting. Sporadic updates due to the host's personal issues are unacceptable. Alternatives are abound.
Uninteresting content, way too many ads and irrelevant chatter between segments, poor production values (Dead air? Are you kidding?), utterly unbearable to listen to.
Shawn King has been talking about the world of Apple for several years, longer than the word Podcast ever existed. I enjoy his sense of humor and his honesty. He's not the typical "Mac Mac" in that if he disagrees with what comes out of Cupertino he'll talk about it. Frequent contributor is Peter Cohen from Macworld magazine. Shawn is an excellent interviewer and he listens to his guests and will follow-up with pertinent questions rather than following a script of boring questions.
Because it is informative with an efficient style. Shawn King is an excellent talent when he interviews. His show tends to be more concise then the now very common round table format. Rather than a panel conjecturing about a subject, he will interview ether an expert on the subject, or the subject him or herself. Sometimes the Guest will be only transiently connected to anything Macintosh but will cover an unexpected subject, such as making a movie on Everest. The only problem is that the rare show will be a wash, being that he’s bound to sometimes have a guest your not interested in. His first section covers the weeks news. He does this with Peter Cohen from MacWorld magazine, who is a knowledgeable journalist. They can touch on a weeks worth of happening in about 15 or 20 minutes. It’s a strong discipline, because it keeps things moving, and keeps you engaged. They don’t blather on endlessly about social media for instance. Cohen and King share a common sense approach to events in the Macintosh community and don’t indulge in sensationalism. It’s refreshing! On the down side, Cohen’s “oh gee who gives a crap” attitude has made my eyes roll into my head on occasion, and I find his periodic surliness adolescent & unprofessional. There is also a community portion of the show. For many people this will be of no interest and might seem out of place. Give it time. Sly, the host of the segment, has an endearing personality and you’ll become familiar with many of the shows supporters. This is enhanced if you participate on the live shows chat rooms. It’s a great show, professionally done, with a great community. All of his regulars have engaging personalities. As does Shawn King himself. You may enjoy his candor or you may find him abrasive, but I’ll bet you’ll be entertained and informed. If your a Mac fan (even a macmac) then you should definitely give it a listen.
Been a listener since 2005 and never miss an episode. Shawn is hilarious and probably the best interviewer I know. He always seems to ask the right questions and follows up beautifully. He also lets you send him questions to ask those he interviews. His contacts in the Mac world are almost second to none. I believe only Pogue, Inhatko and Mossberg have better connections. The show is fun, concise and moves right along. His weekly discussions with Peter Cohen of Macworld is always eye opening.
Shawn has unabashedly presented a level headed view of the Mac World since 1996 when I began listening. Consistent. Genuine. Not arbitrary. Willing to criticize Mac-Macs and the mother ship when he disagrees with what is going on. Worthwhile interviews and often exposure for excellent Mac products I've not known existed.
Shawn is the best at what he does. He has hosted a mac-centric podcast in some form for at least 10 years. He has great industry insiders as guests and they focus on the latest news, not rumors. If your a mac fan, it's a great way to spend some podcast listening time.
Now free. Now goes on your iPod (sans audible). New segments on the show - "Pick a Topic". The show is easy to listen to because of well paced segments and breaks. Overall professional and pleasant tech talk show.
If you go to Macworld Expo and see a guy that looks like a professional wrestler surrounded by Mac notables from Macworld magazine, mainstream press, and other big name outlets then you've probably ran across Shawn King. Shawn's no nonsense show gives you the scoop on what is really going on in the Mac community and introduces you to things you haven't heard of before. Toss in Mac celebs and a light hearted and humorous take on all things Mac and you have Your Mac Life. They also throw one of the biggest and best parties at Macworld Expo every year. Check out the live video feed on Wednesdays or subscribe here and listen while you're in the car.
Host Shawn King is an excellent and articulate interviewer. I don't know how he does it, but he manages to get quite a number of interesting guests from varied backgrounds each week. There is always something on the show that is worth listening to. The subject matter varies. In any given week there could be interviews with a climatologist, a sculptor, an indie software developer, and an investment analyst, all with a Mac twist. Even though the show runs over two hours every week the format with a mix of news and interviews, along with segments from regulars Peter Cohen (Macworld, Angry Mac Bastards) and IRC Babe Sly Marton is always interesting. The new "Pick Your Topic" section is a welcome addition providing a forum for pundits to sound off. Shawn has an obvious admiration for the Macintosh platform and the ecosystem that Apple has managed to grow around it, but he is able to see it with its warts. He can pick the news from the noise, and will never hesitate to call BS on anyone, Apple included, if it's deserved. In addtion, Your Mac Life is one of those rare shows where the host and audience have formed a genuine community. Shawn's respect for his audience is evident in every show. I never feel my intelligence is being insulted. If you listen live, there is an accompanying IRC chat which Sly oversees as well as a streaming video. Even though I can catch that on occasion, I always go back and replay the podcast to make sure I did not miss anything. I've been an Audible subscriber to this show for many years. Having it available "to go" has made daily exercise bearable. If episodes pile up, I've been known to go on YML binges just to catch up, not just with the news, but with the stories of the people in the community. For me this is a "must listen" each week.
You can still find it on audible, if you want to do that. It is still cool to listen to, now that you have more options to download your iPhone, etc.
The show is now available for free downloading, and I highly recommend that you do so immediately. Shawn King is an excellent interviewer, and entertaining host. Peter Cohen of Macworld magazine does an excellent segment on "The Top Story" and Sly's "Website of the Week" and "shout outs" are always entertaining. This is not a stuffy news show where the host read a litany of dry news items about Apple and related companies/products; Shawn never hesitates to offer his opinion and insight on items of interest. I read a review where someone rated the show 1 star because reviews suddenly "disappeared" so the reviewer assumed that the host has the power to remove reviews he doesn't like. I know of no one outside of Apple that has that power, and I can assure you that any reviews he doesn't like he will simply ignore, or make fun of on the show. I've seen other reviews giving the show 1 star, complaining that the show was available only as a stream, and not as a download. This was due to an agreement that they had with Audible, and that situation has now changed and the show can be downloaded. To repeat myself, please download the show and give it a listen for yourself. I think you'll find it and enjoyable way to spend 2.5 hours of commute time!
Have followed Shawn King's coverage of the Mac community for years. Always informative and entertaining. Being able to download it now is just the cherry on top. Thanks!
Your Mac Life is not just a podcast. It's a community of like-minded Mac users who share values, opinions, and interests. It's also a great excuse to get together and party in San Francisco each year at Macworld. The show, which CAN now be downloaded, just ties it all together. Listen and join the fun!
YML has been podcasting since before there were podcasts. Thankfully, they have been able to negotiate with Audible so that it can be offered as a free download. If you're an independent thinker, and love all things Appple / Macintosh, you'll love YML (even if you disagree w/ the host(s).)
I've been listening to Your Mac Life for years. Best Mac interview show around. Lots of humor and great information throughout. And the accompanying IRC chat is fun to follow when you can listen to it live. But it's great to have it as a podcast as well to to go over the sections that I might have missed.
Great to see YML available as a proper Podcast. Shawn brings his entertaining personality to the show. Every week, there's news with gusto, plenty of commentary and opinion, interesting and revelvant guests, and no stone unturned from the previous week in the Mac world. Check it out and enjoy!
This show offers a great combination of news, interviews, advice and community feedback. Shawn King is opinionated and provocative. He is one of the best interviewers out there, and has a knack for picking interesting guests. I almost never miss it. As earlier reviewers correctly noted, Your Mac Life was streaming audio only, but now the show is now a fully available to download and put on an iPod or iPhone. Some of the previous reviewers rated the show not based on its content and quality, but on the issue of format, which is now resolved.
How can this show even be listed in the podcast directory. When I visited the YML page, the shows have the little video icon next to them and I was looking forward to watching a new Mac-oriented podcast. Imagine my surprise when the first show I clicked on downloaded in less than 30 secs! I wonder what kind of compression they're using! Turns out it's just streaming audio, not a real Mp3 or MP4 file. I was on my way out the door, so I didn't sit at my computer and listen to more than 2 minutes of the show. Given what others have said about the quality and lack of portability (ever hear of a little thing called an iPod), I doubt I'll come back and finish the show. Sad I know to "judge a book by it's cover" but maybe if they provide a real file, I'll give 'em a try. It's like being forced to read an entire book at the library instead of taking it home to enjoy. FAIL.
I used to love this show, I listen (& paid) until the popularity of podcasts. After that there was so much content for free, so I stopped my subscription. I was glad to see it in the iTunes Podcast Directory, but it is streaming only and NOT a "POD"cast. The show had and I think still does have ads in it, so it should be free. It is not that great, but it is good. Is Jay Curtis still on it, he and Shawn worked well as co-hosts. If you are looking for a great and free podcast, try MacBreak Weekly.
When is a podcast NOT a podcast? When it won't play on something with the word "POD" in it. These used to be playable within iTunes, not the ideal situation but at least workable. Now for some reason they don't even play in iTunes. I go to the website for the "stream" and apparently the reason iTunes can't play it is because the stream doesn't even play in the browser. Am I the only one who is experiencing this? What a waste. Consider me unsubscribed, dude.
I have been listening to YML for many years and overall I like it. Shawn is a good interviewer! However, I liked the show better when Jay Curtis was involved. I would love to see them add another person like Jay to the mix. Sometimes I get a bit tired of listening to Shawn and Lesa's on-air squabbling. Also, Shawn would do well to take a short course in broadcasting to improve his vocal & production skills. The audio levels for the show are all over the place and need constant adjustment by the listener.
Shawn and Lesa, not sure what a fair rating would be. I love the content, you have some outstanding interviews, and your banter back and forth puts a little life in the show (although you don't deserve such a lovely lady ;-) Shawn), but the show suffers from some production problems. I am disappointed I can only listen to it while at (or near) my computer, but I cannot get the volume up as high as other podcasts and some days the streaming simply will not start (like today). I'll continue to listen, when it works.
Jeremy, how exactly would I be "censoring" these reviews? As I have no access to the code of iTunes and have no ability to contact Apple and ask them to "remove" reviews, censoring them would be difficult, don't you think? Before you scream "censorship", apply Occam's Razor.
so i can only stream this "podcast"? ummmm, NO!!!! that is not a podcast. im sure that the people that make this are nice, hard working folk. put i need to be able to play this on my ipod, so thanks, but NO.
Not only is this a stream, and the download version is only available for purchase, this podcast is loaded with big name Mac-related sponsors' advertising. Unfortunately, the sound quality is equivalent to an old Radio Shack cassette recording of an AM broadcast from a transistor radio. Shame on all involved with this production. And who has proclaimed this broadcast the #1 Mac-related internet program?
Come on folks. This isn't a podcast! If you propose to be experts on the "Mac Life", you'd know how to publish a podcast that was compatible with a listener's desire to "listen on the go". There are a number of ready references out there to help you encode your files correctly. Perhaps a little research is in order. I was interested in your content until I discovered you didn't understand how to publish your "podcast". At that point, I had to question your credibility.