Reviews For Isotope Audio

Those of us in the former Colonies sometimes get the idea that British humor (or humour) is all dry, refined, highbrow, and just generally inaccessible. Then we remember "Monty Python's Flying Circus," or its spiritual (audio) forefather, "The Goon Show." It is in this tradition where you will find the fine minds at Isotope Audio. Their material available through podcast ranges from two minute sketches to nearly half-hour stories, all of which are rude, crude, and radioactively funny. The production values are good, the stories delightfully absurd, and the comic timing absolutely flawless. This stuff is not in the least bit safe for work, so my and I listened through the available material while on an extended car trip. It was so funny that we had to turn it off from time to time so that I could continue to drive, something that has happened with only one other audio work before: "Rant In E Minor," Bill Hicks' final album. Fine company to be in, to be sure.